Installing a custom steering wheel for the M5 F90 - Episode 9

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vTuned garage

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►(Enter at for your chance to win a BMW x5 M and support a great cause. Use our promo code VTUNED150 to receive 150 additional entries.)
► For Awesome custom steering wheels!
►Hey Guys , In todays video we install a custom steering wheel for the BMW M5 F90 !
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vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش ماه
Enter at for your chance to win a BMW x5 M and support a great cause. Use our promo code VTUNED150 to receive 150 additional entries.
Goonzquadgtr Gtr
Goonzquadgtr Gtr پیش ماه
Well how much for the white gtr that you have thrown out into the water, sun and serene, being damaged since I can give it a little affection since what I have is a nissan 370z 2010 from ultra virjen factory brought from Puerto Rico
scottibass پیش ماه
Omaze code did not work for me: The VTUNED150 promo code has already been used
Carlos Ortiz
Carlos Ortiz پیش ماه
Let us know when you start the new channel
C is for Chris
C is for Chris پیش ماه
That guy in the bronco was smiling big time. You probably made his day when you broke your necks looking. 👀
Jason Swift
Jason Swift پیش 5 روز
Keep the M5 as your daily and sell all of your other project cars except the Mclaren.
Don Law
Don Law پیش 27 روز
what the sites that you order your custom bmw steering wheel?
wesley bilodeau
wesley bilodeau پیش ماه
What steering wheel did you get since the site doesnt offer it for the F90
Love Girl
Love Girl پیش ماه
18+ • daily posts, I am Brazilian ! I Love Motors.
2H80vids پیش ماه
There's some seriously fancy technology going on in that steering wheel, stuff I never knew they could do. It just looks cheesy though and I bet it's really annoying at night. After half an hour's novelty value, I bet most folks turn it off.
Garip Satin
Garip Satin پیش ماه
lee Webb
lee Webb پیش ماه
Are u going to sell that beauty
Shawn473 پیش ماه
Speaking of blinker fluid, you don't blink lol
Jevaughn Graham
Jevaughn Graham پیش ماه
that lady at the stoplight was checking you out
Steven Jenkins
Steven Jenkins پیش ماه
Awesome work vTuned great build from Australia 🇦🇺 , a nice white be awesome like u said 👌🏻👌🏻
Dhulfiqar Al Rahmawee
Dhulfiqar Al Rahmawee پیش ماه
Nice work love it ! Are you going te sell it ?
Shane Barnett
Shane Barnett پیش ماه
Great build You should check out bugapuluza at the first horizon pavilion Saturday April the 10th
M Hagax
M Hagax پیش ماه
please get this tree out of this beautiful car 😎😭😜😉
Lee Avison
Lee Avison پیش ماه
Awesome video
Thomas Studio
Thomas Studio پیش ماه
Nice job, would have liked a price summary at the end and a bit more driver / driving experience in the car around the town. Get some Vtuned promo cards printed out to big yourselves up so you can jump on those ad-hoc moments and do a deal on the fly with people like the Ford pickup guy... it would have been an awesome youtube bonus to include his car review on your channel. Oh well next time.
Husain Mohamed
Husain Mohamed پیش ماه
It's time to drift
cee gee
cee gee پیش ماه
tree air freshener awesome!!!!!
M B پیش ماه
If a ‘professional’ painted my car to that standard, we’d be having words. 🍊
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش ماه
Just needs a buff lol
Momo Challal
Momo Challal پیش ماه
The brakes don't sound good at all
Andrew پیش ماه
love that steering wheel wonder if i could get one for my dodge journey
Peter Canarelli
Peter Canarelli پیش ماه
You might want to replace the rod bearings before you put it back on the road considering it's a ticking time bomb like every other M car
Master of None
Master of None پیش ماه
Well done on this build. Great to see you supporting a worthwhile cause as well. Good job!
Steven G
Steven G پیش ماه
Hate squeaky brakes. The squealing is a display of the height of hippy-laziness. Traditional brake servicing is the best preventative maintenance you will ever carry out on any motor vehicle, period. It’s akin to caressing and caring for the most desirable thing you will ever own and possess, she will love it! This has also been mentioned in the Holy Bible. Just saying man. I enjoy braking in my one. It’s just as ENTRILLITATING (This is new “cutting edge”word specially created just now to describe the feeling of the perfect brake application with pure and positive satisfying results which can only be described as imaginative and the perfect dream that meets reality without fault, time and time again). Nice car anyway, let’s see if you can learn to drive this one?! Oh, and get a haircut! 🤣. 👍 from me. 🇬🇧
Bill Khan
Bill Khan پیش ماه
At 3.25 the paint on the bumper has so much orange peel!!
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson پیش ماه
Where the hell os the mustang?
Bobby Benn
Bobby Benn پیش ماه
Thanks for the ride, first time in a BMW. Smooth man, I like it.
Yannick پیش ماه
2 tips for this car: new rims and the facelift m5 back lights
malc elwell
malc elwell پیش ماه
Loveing it UK
Osarum Obasanjo
Osarum Obasanjo پیش ماه
Why didn't u show how to put in the blinker fluid? I think I did it wrong cuz my blinker just stare -_-
Machiavelli III
Machiavelli III پیش ماه
Star pattern and torque tighten wheel bolts, just a little tip for you. 😉
LETOOO1 پیش ماه
Why can’t we win your McLaren from Omaze? 😁
Nicky Grist
Nicky Grist پیش ماه
Please do some drive by shots of the M5, I'd love to see what it looks like and sounds like from the outside when its moving.
Jeff Mac
Jeff Mac پیش ماه
Awesome test drive.
Erik Larson
Erik Larson پیش ماه
You know you are fan-boying out when you gush for 15 minutes over a steering wheel. Lol! That's fine you IRpostrs who can't do anything more than that, but dude you have actual skills. This is way beneath you.
Adam Perry
Adam Perry پیش ماه
Is there going to be another mustang video or is that project being thrown in the trash?
Максим Лободин
Максим Лободин پیش ماه
Красавчик, отлично машину до ума довёл. Рад за тебя, удачи на дорогах. Как говорится не гвоздя ни жезла!!!👍
Molly Nap Queen
Molly Nap Queen پیش ماه
What happened to the '87 BMW?
Malachi Trutwein
Malachi Trutwein پیش ماه
Ayoo what ever happened with the 66 mustang
Pierre Labbe
Pierre Labbe پیش ماه
Love BiG Boy. Canada....📝🔍👍
Tripods Garage
Tripods Garage پیش ماه
That is the most bad ass steering wheel ever!
Goonzquadgtr Gtr
Goonzquadgtr Gtr پیش ماه
Well how much for the white gtr that you have thrown out into the water, sun and serene, being damaged since I can give it a little affection since what I have is a nissan 370z 2010 from ultra virjen factory brought from Puerto Rico
Ali Jad
Ali Jad پیش ماه
Where is the Mustang build i have been waiting one year fuck
Francis Sheku
Francis Sheku پیش ماه
blinker fluid... lol.. i bought it for my sister the last
I apologize in advance
I apologize in advance پیش ماه
Great job aza, That wheel is sick
Shazad Sadiq
Shazad Sadiq پیش ماه
You should make a video when u are selling it and the response from the buyer
torquemada67 پیش ماه
the orange peel on the front bumper is really bad
5rack پیش ماه
wait... i thought omaze is scam...
Aidy Sali
Aidy Sali پیش ماه
Good job... 👍
maynard barredo
maynard barredo پیش ماه
The mclaren i love the build
craigslong پیش ماه
Is the mustang build dead?
skeelo69 پیش ماه
Make sure you give the car a proper detail and maybe a ceramic coating.
dennis delosreyes
dennis delosreyes پیش ماه
Rob 351
Rob 351 پیش ماه
2 gallons of blinker fluid is correct but don’t forget the wizzy on the dizzy it’s just as important as blinker fluid. Just sayin
Marco Buscema
Marco Buscema پیش ماه
Hi Vtuned, I love you videos especially the F90, but you have to do something for the audio. It doesn't reflect the quality of your videos.
James Weaver
James Weaver پیش ماه
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer پیش ماه
Vtuned make a Hoonicorn out of that Mustang
Edgar Stepanyan
Edgar Stepanyan پیش ماه
Sick. What will you do with old one? I will be happy to use it on my regular bmw
xPoseiden پیش ماه
Straight pipe video pleaseee😩
Danny Oliveira
Danny Oliveira پیش ماه
Great content on the BMW, awesome job brother .
nevets7152 پیش ماه
Is it that easy to steel the camera as it is in a pub carpark at night.
Eduardo Abarca
Eduardo Abarca پیش ماه
Sell me Tha m5 Bro I'm from cali
Obywatel Wu
Obywatel Wu پیش ماه
The only thing i DON"T like about this steering wheel is that it looks so good, you may actually look at it instead of what's in front of you while driving :D
Thierry LAROUSSE پیش ماه
Marc پیش ماه
Tnx for de video !!
Musleh Aljadani
Musleh Aljadani پیش ماه
Wow good job thank you 🙏 Ⓜ️
maxpaul11 پیش ماه
Keith Jones
Keith Jones پیش ماه
I love how you do your little two step during your intro monologue. Just throw on a Stetson and big ole lipper and you'll be good to go!
Simon Blunden
Simon Blunden پیش ماه
V could do a whole line of new merch. VTuned Blinker fluid, VTuned elbow grease, VTuned left handed screw drivers. The sky is the limit.
K Rock
K Rock پیش ماه
Where did you bought the steering wheel ?
Christopher Tan
Christopher Tan پیش ماه
what a dope steering wheel !
Hitarth Makadia
Hitarth Makadia پیش ماه
Now that's a complete M5....nicely done
Mariya پیش ماه
Its the headlights not working for me :)
cpgixxer پیش ماه
Pyrofuse, just another money maker invention by the car companies.
Quien Vive
Quien Vive پیش ماه
Peter Starck
Peter Starck پیش ماه
Test drive filming suggestion...have a couple shots from out side the car peeling out and one flying by the camera. That would really showcase the incredible horsepower etc. Enjoyed the repair build!
fchapp پیش ماه
WOW! Just looked up a wheel for my S 5. They’re cool, but not $1600 worth of cool.
Joey Sweet
Joey Sweet پیش ماه
That's a BADASS ride Ben!
Daniel Secaira
Daniel Secaira پیش ماه
So what’s the name of the new IRpost channel?
See Tan
See Tan پیش ماه
what happen to the poney.....
Nathaniel Gould
Nathaniel Gould پیش ماه
Love the custom steering wheel, 👍🚘❤️
Conrad Fajardo
Conrad Fajardo پیش ماه
Check out TJHunt, he replaced his Mustang's chassis w a modern replacement, together w modern brakes and suspension parts 😁
Conrad Fajardo
Conrad Fajardo پیش ماه
Correct on this one!
Stephen پیش ماه
HE didnt do anything, all he did was pay somebody to do the work for him seems to be a trend on his channel now
Chris Di Dios
Chris Di Dios پیش ماه
3:01 damn that orange peel is bad, not a good paint job at all.
Darren Charles
Darren Charles پیش ماه
Nice job on the rebuild
Kevin Dang
Kevin Dang پیش ماه
Lol. Did I put blinker fluid? 2 gallons. Haha wth. Made my night. Thankyou for the laugh. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see the mc McLaren's paint job.
PRi0R_T0_A_WEEKAGO...fukWiTus_THAN_WE_TWEAKiN_H0E پیش ماه
That steering wheel is fire
bigben1986 پیش ماه
Just donated 10 bucks to enter and win the BMX X5///M
ron watson
ron watson پیش ماه
I'm happy to see how simple everything was for you guys today. It's about time you got a break. Thanks for sharing this build with us.
Fog پیش ماه
I can’t believe bmw designed the grills to open and close. Just another thing that will break and cost a fortune to replace no doubt.
Joey Baez
Joey Baez پیش ماه
Great job 👍
JayRayzr پیش ماه
Dude, your channel is night and day different from day one. Good work, bro.
Tony Black
Tony Black پیش ماه
Man that steering wheel is cold man dam
David Edgar
David Edgar پیش ماه
If you could get the steering wheel without the lights I'd love it. I think those lights are unnecessary bling.
Brian Melling
Brian Melling پیش ماه
Why do you need lights flickering off the steering wheel??
Wilson Andrade
Wilson Andrade پیش ماه
Raja Mohd Naim Raja Nazarudin
Raja Mohd Naim Raja Nazarudin پیش ماه
I think this car need a proper paint correction..
Rafael GC
Rafael GC پیش ماه
No babushka this time
Roman Rebisz
Roman Rebisz پیش ماه
Hey why is always all the Ligth blinking will crazy
Brett DiMichele Studios
Brett DiMichele Studios پیش ماه
Did it throw any codes when you used the turn signal? :D
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