My McLaren 720s parts are finally here!- Episode 16

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vTuned garage

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►Hey Guys , In todays video we start doing the body work on the McLaren 720s!
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vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش ماه
Thanks again to Vessi! Click and use my code vtuned to get $25 off of your Vessi shoes.
Justin Hink
Justin Hink پیش ماه
@Vessi was just looking for 11.5/12 in all black
Vessi پیش ماه
@Justin Hink Hey Justin! Totally hear you out. We do plan to expand our sizing in the future. What size, in particular, are you looking for?
Vessi پیش ماه
@Rick Pender Hey there! If you're having trouble using the code, send us an email to We'd love to help you out there!
Vessi پیش ماه
@Simon Blunden Thank you for all your support! 🙌
Paul McCarthy
Paul McCarthy پیش 5 روز
Nearly there
釜江太郎 پیش 18 روز
System11 YT
System11 YT پیش 25 روز
Watching that quarter panel refit after the beating & sanding and I'm just saying 'god damn' and laughing, I have so much respect for those skills, every time I've tried it ended in total failure.
Howard Rice
Howard Rice پیش 26 روز
Looking good!!
Nixy_ theniceguy
Nixy_ theniceguy پیش ماه
0:10 that red honda s2000 is looking sick
corvettez098 پیش ماه
What's the name of the shop that you work out of I have a 2013 Z06 that needs some work immediately?
Mo Bo
Mo Bo پیش ماه
Is it forsale?
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz پیش ماه
Nice!, The 720s si back!!
Nathaniel Gould
Nathaniel Gould پیش ماه
Nice job on your car , can’t wait to see the car when your finished.👍🚘💖
paul fargher
paul fargher پیش ماه
Grand Cahones bro, didn't think you'd be able to manage this ....but credit were credit is due! Top effort...keep going for that final grand reveal... Love the way you talk to yourself as your doing the work....
Jason Day
Jason Day پیش ماه
are you working out?
Steven Mccullough
Steven Mccullough پیش ماه
Super skills, you really deserve to have a supercar to match.
Heineken puerto rico
Heineken puerto rico پیش ماه
I found it looking in the internet
Heineken puerto rico
Heineken puerto rico پیش ماه
I said one comment that they might not put the wiring back together again and then I never saw you guys ever did I get banned away from that how many other people don't know about you guys put in this car together
Noel Connors
Noel Connors پیش ماه
Banging on it like it’s a old civic and not a super car, that takes confidence . Well do V
Marcos Gonzalez
Marcos Gonzalez پیش ماه
Your are my idol!!! Greeting from Argentina!!!
Eric Bierman
Eric Bierman پیش ماه
I love that McLaren 720s is coming along. Keep it vtuned
Gazooo29 پیش ماه
What’s the cost now $300k
massood sharify
massood sharify پیش ماه
thanks for the great videos brother, I have business in US and China, I currently live in China we can work together in your future projects I can get you all parts you need from China cheaper and faster, I also have products that you can promote and sell though yours channel for me which is car repair related and can make good profit by selling them, so please let me know if you are interested brother! thank you
B4ONG پیش ماه's been months not to see this channel and v-tuned is getting better and better at presenting his works & channel...good job!....
King of Newyork
King of Newyork پیش ماه
I feel like the only money to be made on builds like this is in the IRpost views
majorgeeek پیش ماه
I hate to be the stick in the mud but hell, I worry for some one who buys this McLaren - it's complicated high tech construction and was a write off from bad accident and rebuilt by a kid, who is holding a broken part of the machine saying "maybe we can fix it"??? - I certainly wouldn't buy it or take it to 200 miles per hour anything could break or come off at that speed - DANGEROUS
Harold Boyer
Harold Boyer پیش ماه
Time for paint...
Gary Garner
Gary Garner پیش ماه
what happened to the mustang build
James Weaver
James Weaver پیش ماه
Andrew Peterson
Andrew Peterson پیش ماه
go to home depot and get foam pipe insulation to put on your panel stands. cheap replaceable cushion for high dollar parts. way better than bubble wrap haha
Abdul-Rahim Ahmed
Abdul-Rahim Ahmed پیش ماه
good job
BravoGod پیش ماه
The Aztec Gold has really grown on me. Can’t wait to know what color you’re choosing. Keep up the great work!
Ijob Browne
Ijob Browne پیش ماه
whats the prices look like on parts
Andrew Ferguson
Andrew Ferguson پیش ماه
Great Job!! Thank you... :)
Michael Adams
Michael Adams پیش ماه
I wish I could of had this kind of experience so awesome love everything you do man it goes to show you can do anything if you want it
Askar Miah
Askar Miah پیش ماه
Valentine Lynam
Valentine Lynam پیش ماه
Love your work dude
Marius Anghel
Marius Anghel پیش ماه
What are you gonna do with the mustang?? just leave it unfinished??
David Millhollon
David Millhollon پیش ماه
I wished I had your talent your a frame artist and builder love the video's.
Ryan پیش ماه
clem christian
clem christian پیش ماه
Great Stuff !! The Car looking Good !!
Colin Prince
Colin Prince پیش ماه
Every day is like Christmas Day at V-Tuned. But you don’t get the usual socks that you hate, you get a McLaren door. How cool is that?
Mariya پیش ماه
Can you fix the dent on my car :)
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش ماه
Sure bring it 😉
Michael Hanewich
Michael Hanewich پیش ماه
Nice work on that overpriced thin wall POS aluminum panel. Craftsman like yourself are adapting to all this unworkable aluminum junk really well.
Robert Crowther
Robert Crowther پیش ماه
Amazing. I'm so happy to see you bring life back to the art on wheels 720S. Since seeing you bring my dream BMW M5 back to it's full glory, I almost forgot about the Mclaren. Almost. Lol. You are doing the Lord's work . Keep up your phenomenal work, and thank you for sharing this with us all
SeñorSaggy پیش ماه
What ever happened to the Coyote Swap Mustang?
TheHaunted2 پیش ماه
** Panel beaters hate him **
craig krajewski
craig krajewski پیش ماه
You do awesome work
Restos & Rebuilds
Restos & Rebuilds پیش ماه
I only use rage ultra... easiest sanding putty I have found and no need for polyester/finishing putty with it. I haven't wasted money on the finishing putty in years.
Ballan پیش ماه
What happened to the Mustang build ? :(
valley farming
valley farming پیش ماه
Good job your getting more comfortable with the camera we enjoy y’all good work brothers
123abc پیش ماه
didn't know mclarens were made out of fiberglass. should be carbon fiber standard.
Albert Myers
Albert Myers پیش ماه
Great vid thanks
John Doe
John Doe پیش ماه
Best Hair in the bussiness 👌👍
Dookie Butt
Dookie Butt پیش ماه
Give Tavarish some tips..
Nintendork پیش ماه
I would like a broken sports car like this and change the parts from a corolla or something similar, hell to maintain, IDC about speed, just the style.
Jay DoesStuff
Jay DoesStuff پیش ماه
Yes mclaren is back CUSTOM COLOR PLEASE
Stacy Dornan
Stacy Dornan پیش ماه
You do great work young buck
استبرق الكاريوكي
استبرق الكاريوكي پیش ماه
Very good
kamikazei پیش ماه
Great vid Vtuned, nice just to see the craftsman at work (and not always sped up in timelapse). While your frame straighten frames is what I know you for, you nailed that quarter panel wrinkle bro! You make it look effortless. Keep up the great work.
Soug Sim
Soug Sim پیش ماه
content quality is really going up!!
nginden ngindencorp
nginden ngindencorp پیش ماه
Increadible bro!!
J K پیش ماه
Aftermarket door made in Taiwan?
Ninja Skater
Ninja Skater پیش ماه
Great work bro can't wait to see the final 🙌
mcc4m1sh پیش ماه
Tapping the body panel with the hammer like that reminded me of that scene in Father Ted...
doug .patterson
doug .patterson پیش ماه
what happened to the mustang
Kosala Herath
Kosala Herath پیش ماه
Waited forever to see the Mclaren again... Awesome bro...
76Charger پیش ماه
I think I saw another little dent just above the fuel filler hole. Time stamp 18:16 - 17. Its going to be an awesome car when finished!!
Bellagio پیش ماه
Finally an update to the 720, great! But...did i miss something ? What happened to the mustang ?
2H80vids پیش ماه
He's keeping the Mustang for the magical day that folks stop bangin' on about the ****in' Mustang.
Music in our Times
Music in our Times پیش ماه
When vTune says "It's good" means it's good!
WiiL Li
WiiL Li پیش ماه
It’s coming along well. Can’t wait to see it completed. 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas پیش ماه
You need a bigger shop brother, great work cheers for the entertainment
BC Born
BC Born پیش ماه
What ever happened to the mustang build?
Nickolai Wils
Nickolai Wils پیش ماه
I lowkey want them to keep the paintscheme that they have right now, like a frankenstein McLaren
Andrey Vovk
Andrey Vovk پیش ماه
Hoenestly I think the white looks better
gtchalie پیش ماه
Had feeling this would take longer than a couple months. But it's worth it!
Joe Licha
Joe Licha پیش ماه
looking good!
Ahmet Uzun
Ahmet Uzun پیش ماه
This series is clear evidence for why insurance companies write these cars off as salvage even when the damage is not critical. There is no one on the face of the earth who can get this McLaren back to pre-accident status, including the McLaren's body shop. This car will be plagued with annoying issues for the remainder of its life. Will it look nice? Yes. Will it drive OK? Yes. But it will always be plagued with electrical issues, unusual noise from different parts, alignment issues, etc. Original owner could never have been made whole satisfactorily without a write off.
shartne پیش ماه
I didnt know you could save aluminum like that. You will be driving that car in no time.
David Kerr
David Kerr پیش ماه
Made up for you getting your parts and getting back to your McLaren..Good luck .
Josh Ehman
Josh Ehman پیش ماه
bout time homie!!! been waiting for this !!
TPorter79 پیش ماه
Did he give up on the mustang?
450r27Dmaxlb7 پیش ماه
vTuned, I need frame work done on a truck in rebuilding and my guy doesn’t have a rack anymore. How do I work with you on trying to get it in?
Omar's Garage
Omar's Garage پیش ماه
Are you planning on keeping this for yourself, or is this something you will sell to make a profit and move on to the next project?
Damjan Gazibaric
Damjan Gazibaric پیش ماه
Finally bro 😛
Aaron Ramirez
Aaron Ramirez پیش ماه
GOOD VIDEO! Bring back the Mustang
Aaron Tyler
Aaron Tyler پیش ماه
I love your work bro
Zafrius Rasnake
Zafrius Rasnake پیش ماه
for only being 500 of these cars, there are a lot of youtubbers working on them, at the same time. Jesuit trash. Hollywood.
Brian Barry
Brian Barry پیش ماه
One step closer!!!! Keep up the good work!
let's wolf it up
let's wolf it up پیش ماه
Sup man
brandonburchell8 پیش ماه
Please change the color of the car. That yellow-ish color ain’t it...
Skiridr22 پیش ماه
It’s always amazing watching vTuned work.
Skiridr22 پیش ماه
Super cars : double sidetape, velcro, fiberglass & aluminum = $100,000.00 😫
David Aames
David Aames پیش ماه
Why not to buy a supercar with accident history.
Dante Russo
Dante Russo پیش ماه
brittenv1000 پیش ماه
Look at that filler work. Wish mine was like that and not all over my clothes etc😁
Stephen Murphy
Stephen Murphy پیش ماه
Is there going to be a color change?
Krystian پیش ماه
I'm still waiting for new episode with your mustang :D
Matt Mattis
Matt Mattis پیش ماه
You should paint the whole car the color of the replacement door you got, that color is sick!!
Sudd 268
Sudd 268 پیش ماه
Pretty work young man thank you for your videos.
Cubapipe Cubapipe
Cubapipe Cubapipe پیش ماه
Wow excellent
El pepe
El pepe پیش ماه
Do a video on that s2000 or just what has Been done 🙏🏻
Gerry Milidantri
Gerry Milidantri پیش ماه
The McLaren is coming out beautiful great video and awesome work
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