My WRECKED CTS-V Is Almost done!

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vTuned garage

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Welcome Back to the channel today we finish up the frame work and reinstall everything we removed!
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Durwin D Hickman Sr
Durwin D Hickman Sr پیش 20 روز
Wow, How old is this Kid😃
Terry Reeves
Terry Reeves پیش 3 ماه
Very skilled young man... love watching your videos... keep up the good work!
2 Madre
2 Madre پیش 3 ماه
Billy Boy
Billy Boy پیش 3 ماه
his quick an awsome smart
Stacey Kelly
Stacey Kelly پیش 3 ماه
Chattanooga tn.
Alex Castro
Alex Castro پیش 3 ماه
About time, I been waiting for this
Redo Vibes
Redo Vibes پیش 7 ماه
Have anyone ever released open their engine drain plug, and no oil comes out? I just added 4 quarts but nothing came out:/. I am building a 18 Chevy Equinox 1.5L AWD TURBO
Atoool K
Atoool K پیش 7 ماه
Man how do you remember all the bolts and clips, do you take pictures?
Jose Juan
Jose Juan پیش 8 ماه
V-Tuned, what paint gun you recommend? Thanks for the videos.
frederic rike
frederic rike پیش سال
Know you sold the CTS V to your G'ma; I'll bet she doesn't crochet for a hobby! You must smile every time you think about that car parked in her church house parking lot! You Go, dude! and Granny goes fast too!
Richard Jensen
Richard Jensen پیش سال
Dude, your videos are amazing, incredible and insanely good. Your attention to detail is off the rails. I do have one word though, GLOVES. Please wear gloves more often. God gave you one and only one pair of amazing hands. Please protect them. One slip, one wrong move and the damage may not be repairable like the cars you work on. I know you need bare hands sometimes to “feel” your work and totally get that, just begging you to try to wear them more often. Your an incredible young man and your channel has been so much fun to watch. I wish you and your crew all the best. Don’t ever loose your passion!! All the best from Minneapolis.
Orest Koval
Orest Koval پیش سال
T.K. MoonDog
T.K. MoonDog پیش سال
Guys id say his the best at what he does!!! you dont see those skills often...
Simon Leon
Simon Leon پیش سال
I don't know if he has a whole team of people behind him telling him how to do stuff but if he doesn't he is a beast 💪 .I guess doing things alot of times becomes natural to you kids awesome..
Ryan Robitaille
Ryan Robitaille پیش سال
Hmm did all the nuts not line up into the front nose piece notice ya only had one on side that was crunched
Outcast_2017 پیش سال
I really like the video but the music is loader then you when your talking and makes it harder to here you
Keep Out
Keep Out پیش سال
I'm so glad to see your sub count climbing brother, I started with you at about 15k, nice now brother, your great work is helping and doing all types of vehicles, it brings in a bigger audience for sure 💯, as always great work brother 💯💪👍👍👍
tsching bumm R.
tsching bumm R. پیش سال
if you do not cover the windscreen you have metal scraps inside.I I do the most jobs with my spot-welder,dont must grind the weld!Young man,Good job!you are an expert!
Kenny Porter
Kenny Porter پیش سال
My question is, when you take so much apart, how the heck do you remember where every screw, and parts goes back on? I seem to struggle with that, and always have screws left over. Lol
Richmond gentry
Richmond gentry پیش 10 ماه
Take a picture with Your phone before taking it off so u can go back too it.
Ghuneem Ahmed
Ghuneem Ahmed پیش سال
The exact same thing I was wondering!
Edward Bernard
Edward Bernard پیش سال
hwally777 پیش سال
Nice attention to detail. Another great video.
Sayyam Khan
Sayyam Khan پیش سال
love the videos hate the music
Jay Smith
Jay Smith پیش سال
i see a lot of similarity between V's and goonzquad vids. I wonder if they are helping V bring up his video editing game? either way, super entertaining, great vid and absolutely amazing channel and skills!
Filip Neagoe
Filip Neagoe پیش سال
What is he doing with these rebuild cars?
TheInvisibleOne پیش سال
Have you been working in a body shop since you were 6yrs old or what man??? Damn😁
Bobby Hood Auto Body
Bobby Hood Auto Body پیش سال
Good job bro,looks good
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh پیش سال
Edukg پیش سال
I like your videos cause they have lots of good content.... the quality of the video is Just consequence!
MadBrax پیش سال
If body shops would document their repairs like this (even unedited), I wouldn't have a problem buying a salvage titled vehicle...
Danny Curtis
Danny Curtis پیش سال
Great job 👍👍😉
Robert DeMilo
Robert DeMilo پیش سال
Good job man!
Charlie black
Charlie black پیش سال
Your editing and music choice awsom bro
Staredown Games
Staredown Games پیش سال
Drove a V once for a test drive. Fastest thing I've been in. 80 percent throttle, salesman braced himself and said, and I quote, "oh my!" Lol good times.
Kent Shifflet
Kent Shifflet پیش سال
How you guys remember what goes where is beyond me...Pics help,but memory has to be a big part.....You guys kick it,keep up the great content!!!!
Rover Rebuilds
Rover Rebuilds پیش سال
Great job Vtuned, Keep up the great work!!! Love the videos man.
Josh Heiser
Josh Heiser پیش سال
Do a car give away at 100k subscribers. 🚗 🚘 🚙
DoableDIY پیش سال
Oh man that paint station is trashed. Even on the scale display!? Love your work but man, that was hard for a clean freak like me to look at 😮
Projectbuilds پیش سال
Awesome work man! Where are you guys located. I'll be looking to have my 1988 iroc z painted.
Brian J
Brian J پیش سال
Dude you do amazing work
Matthew Sorensen
Matthew Sorensen پیش سال
Great work
portabull پیش سال
again, vtuned for the win.
Gary Frappier
Gary Frappier پیش سال
I would really enjoy working on the cars with you guys, that is something that I always wanted to do, but I never had the time, place, (or the talent) to do it......
Tim Yuh
Tim Yuh پیش سال
I’m not saying VTuned is krispy kreme... but has anyone seen them in the same room together
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Austin Koeppen
Austin Koeppen پیش سال
Just out of curiosity, how did you get the name vTuned?
nissan Brown
nissan Brown پیش سال
Nice vtune
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne پیش سال
Love the CTS-V project. Although it's not as big as some that's kind of a good thing too as we get to see the results quicker. I have had a thing for these cars since they are kind of a classier version of a muscle car but can rock just as hard or harder in some cases. Thanks.
Gold Coast Rob
Gold Coast Rob پیش سال
Awesome work it’s looking great your work is just amazing 👍👍👍👍
Zeusacoatl پیش سال
So a question. I know the need to make this car reflect what you want your name to mean, perfection in skill, but by filling the new spot welds, does it not just make the next repair, god forbid it happens, that much harder? Again, your skills are great, and it reflects in the finish you leave.
benjamin inkoom
benjamin inkoom پیش سال
vtuned ma man i love you too much #vtuned
Ezequiel Velazquez
Ezequiel Velazquez پیش سال
The project is getting there! you re doing a great job as always!! keep going!!
Gregg Kiest
Gregg Kiest پیش سال
No Fear TV. 👍
Simon Blunden
Simon Blunden پیش سال
Love your work & vids. You should consider a subscription to Epidemic sound for better and more varied music. Also, just curious why you don't clean parts before re-assembly? You're so methodical with everything else 🤔
Cole Eilert
Cole Eilert پیش سال
SS Super Sport sedan next?
Victor Victor
Victor Victor پیش سال
Lemme whip it
German Korb
German Korb پیش سال
I feel like wrecking my car so you could repair it and make it look better than OEM
RODZILLA پیش سال
Dang! Will not be long before vTuned will be rocking the V. \m/
Joebiz24 پیش سال
V, your meticulous attention to detail is better than factory. Thanks!
Shaun Holbrook
Shaun Holbrook پیش سال
Killed it again Vtuned, see you on the next video. Thanks!!!
Lucky Goose
Lucky Goose پیش سال
How come you guys never wash any if the original dirty parts that you put back on the car. A nice clean new painted area that you are working on, and you bolt on dirty shitty looking parts??? Never got that.
Gerry Milidantri
Gerry Milidantri پیش سال
Great channel guys glad your growing subscribers good content and really interesting
Don Guillermo del Norte
Don Guillermo del Norte پیش سال
How do you manage to remember where every single bolt goes
Robert Dobbin
Robert Dobbin پیش سال
Can't wait to see Hellcat vs. CTS-V on the strip!
icurt06 پیش سال
I love your attention to detail. This old dog enjoys learning some new tricks from Vtune!
Dan Newton
Dan Newton پیش سال
What’s a good brand of spot filler to use? I’ve been using the regular Bondo brand but people are telling me there’s better stuff out there. Great video and thanks for the reply in advance 👍
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
3m platinum filler is probably the best stuff out there
DeadlyDeal پیش سال
Killin it as always good job! 👌😎
Mark Parker
Mark Parker پیش سال
That’s a cool ride.
Steve A S
Steve A S پیش سال
Enjoyed 😎
Deksam101 پیش سال
V-Tuned is most definitely the most skilled channel of all the young guy's YT channels out of the southeastern USA.
tracycolorado پیش سال
next time replace and or lube up air conditioner o rings with air conditioner oil to ensure no leaks
madcurls پیش سال
A nice save.
kickit59 پیش سال
Vtune very nice job on the CTS-V! Soon you will have it all together & take it for the first test drive! Please post a video if you take it to the track or on the street! Thanks for all the great content & video!
Tyler Young
Tyler Young پیش سال
I need painting skills like you bro
Deni Boy
Deni Boy پیش سال
Rusty پیش سال
#vtuned rocks!! This thing is sick!!!!
White Thunder
White Thunder پیش سال
Can't wait for you to hit the streets with that
Feisal Mohamed
Feisal Mohamed پیش سال
How do you get the colour measurements right while the weighing machine is full of old dried colours, they don't add weight and giving you wrong figures? 🤔 Good work though 👍
bernardthefourth پیش سال
You are going to pull SO MUCH ass in this thing!
dan gill
dan gill پیش سال
Quality work V .
Alexis Molina
Alexis Molina پیش سال
dont use bondo on carboard because cardboard has pours
Kevin Linville
Kevin Linville پیش سال
Big thanks to your bud SAM, I am really enjoying your channel!
D M پیش سال
oh damn dude almost getting to 100k....i remember when you created the channel from the OG Goonzquad days.
Halfshark پیش سال
Great job as usual sir. Can't wait to see this thing painted and out for its first rip!👍
Jean-phillipe Gagnon
Jean-phillipe Gagnon پیش سال
Nice work good videos
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother پیش سال
Hell yeah buddy!! Lookin good
chris siano
chris siano پیش سال
I really get a charge on how many people actually thumbs down these videos. I bet the one's who do that, never even picked up a wrench in their life. Or know how difficult it really is to do this type of work..
Zack Sherman
Zack Sherman پیش سال
My dumbass didn't have notifications on lol
Paul-Ivo B.
Paul-Ivo B. پیش سال
Buy a little microphone and clip it on your shirt. Please.
Camper83 Camper83
Camper83 Camper83 پیش سال
As always nice work
YT NATION پیش سال
I'm here bro
Take Down
Take Down پیش سال
Good vid V. Like your channel because you dont chat s*** all the way through like some and actually get a graft on and fix some stuff not just put one bolt on with a whole lot of jabberin. Keep up the good work. Let your work speak like it
Gerry Mad
Gerry Mad پیش سال
excellent if only the video was longer cant get enough.
deadbugdoug پیش سال
makin it look easy
Waldo پیش سال
Cts -v 😍💦
BStard پیش سال
richard rawlings jr.
Stephen Gordon
Stephen Gordon پیش سال
This guy takes his work seriously !
esilviu2000 پیش سال
Excellent job, very profi ; we are waiting the interior episodes : dashboard, airbags, etc!!! Bravooo
raw weiner
raw weiner پیش سال
watching rebuild channels makes me want to buy a damaged car to try to fix but i dont know or have any of the equipment to make the repair in addition to that im broke
Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke پیش سال
That's some top notch frame work dude.... I Respect people that do a proper job and not a half arsed job like some do... Keep up the good work
Its a Rome Thing Everyday
Its a Rome Thing Everyday پیش سال
Lookin Great, you do such Good Work on all these vehicles. Liked Video
Bogdan پیش سال
I have to admit: I've never seen such a talented boy in this hard work. You, usually, need many, many years, maybe decades of experience to reach such a good work. But this kid makes it look so simple. I never get over his talent. He always looks to know exactly what he has to do, no hesitation. I'm always amazed like I see him for the first time. It must be his youth too!
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