Rebuilding a Lifted Dodge Ram 3500 part 3

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vTuned garage

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Welcome back to the channel in todays video we paint the truck!
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JOHN Q PUBLIC پیش 21 روز
Why would that little damage total the truck. Which I'm assuming you got it at auction
esham976 پیش ماه
Wasn't the seats black?
i love your videos because few words and many technical aspects very good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Turki Alsubiee
Turki Alsubiee پیش 3 ماه
Thanks for making everything sample .
sarmce family
sarmce family پیش 4 ماه
Looks good
Tracy McClung 31
Tracy McClung 31 پیش 4 ماه
Those who gave thumbs down you suck
JurpikAg پیش 4 ماه
Privet. What gun and paint/clear do you use?
Paul Marquis
Paul Marquis پیش 4 ماه
Subscribed. Seen you work with the Goonzquad boys. Always do great work.
Paul Marquis
Paul Marquis پیش 4 ماه
Wow, nice finish on that paint.
Howard Swing
Howard Swing پیش 4 ماه
He is a very hard working business man and does great work however the following comment is help v tuner become more aware good safe working practice. Check out the plastic jug being used as a step ladder along with the lack of good safe grinding precautions, his insurance company must love him. Believe me being in the fabrication business for over 40 years I have seen it happen.
Scott Herr
Scott Herr پیش 4 ماه
Real collision men here-very good for ones so your channel-you show what you know doing every aspect on camera-my hat is off to you guys PLEASE KEEP IT UP.
Jen B
Jen B پیش 4 ماه
I'm really concerned about your PPE usage. In the last video you used a painting suit to grind metal. You really just needed a dust mask for that. But then in this video you're only wearing a dust mask and gloves to spray clear coat. You should really be wearing that suit for the clear coat. Clear coat is very toxic and will absorb into your skin and blood. It can accumulate and cause cancer. You seem like a cool kid, I would hate to see you get sick from just not using pepper PPE. Use that full face mask and suite to spray clear. Sealers and base coat really only require a respirator that will eeeal with the VOCs and some good nitrile gloves. Good videos. Keep doing what you love and enjoy your life.
Jose Baca
Jose Baca پیش 4 ماه
So you guys won't complain about that 🤣🤣
Scott Sime
Scott Sime پیش 4 ماه
Dude I don't see DODGE anywhere on that's made by Ram..
mark duncan
mark duncan پیش 4 ماه
You would have to be a " girly girl" if you can find room to complain about the replacement doors being dirty!!
Larry Harris
Larry Harris پیش 5 ماه
Tunes you always get a thumbs up from me . You and goonsquad have impressed me being young men and doing something with there life. And knowing what y’all won’t in life. I just don’t care for the Choice of music you use .but I’m old !
Thomas Studio
Thomas Studio پیش 5 ماه
We complain because we care.
Chris PLACE پیش 5 ماه
Wow Nice
Michał پیش 5 ماه
fajna maszyna
Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler پیش 7 ماه
Nice music beat while you were painting. Paint looks awesome!
Pyronious520 پیش 8 ماه
This thing is slick!!! Did any paint get in* the cab at 4:53* ?
Raul Wasaby Carrion
Raul Wasaby Carrion پیش 8 ماه
Like i salid before i love your job 👍😄
Nathaniel's TPS Report
Nathaniel's TPS Report پیش 8 ماه
Man, that is quality paintwork! Great channel.
Timothy Adkins
Timothy Adkins پیش 8 ماه
I was bout to give it thumbs up but you put a rusty good latch on instead of hitting with spray paint
J. Castillo
J. Castillo پیش سال
Where are you located
ushook پیش سال
This dude is going to go on and have an Amazing career. vTuned is a Great channel.
Wheelie M
Wheelie M پیش سال
The truck wont fit in the paint booth thats too jokes🤣😂😂
Jorge Robles
Jorge Robles پیش سال
Hooo man I just saw your vids of the BMW , Thanks to take care of this Gorgeous cars. They deserve love.
jasonj411 پیش سال
I love the big Dodge! I need this truck
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia پیش سال
Is it for sale
Jason Swift
Jason Swift پیش سال
This was a good build I would keep it along with the M4 but sell all the other cars and that honda S2000.
Lee Scanlon
Lee Scanlon پیش سال
Man I love black vehicles, that looks awesome!
Scott Sime
Scott Sime پیش 4 ماه
You must be colorblind that things dark brown
Jackson Nutt
Jackson Nutt پیش سال
Great work great video's
DillonBets 69
DillonBets 69 پیش سال
Get color matched tow mirrors but keep them down
Luis Alberto Roman Ruelas
Luis Alberto Roman Ruelas پیش سال
Frame guy from goondudes
Larry Nance
Larry Nance پیش سال
you didn't paint that hood latch come on that looks bad
Generation-X پیش سال
Someone might want to tell him its not a Dodge its a Fiat Ram. Hasn't been Dodge since 2011.
Jake McKeen
Jake McKeen پیش سال
Love it
Laurence Mullikin
Laurence Mullikin پیش سال
OMG, that beautiful truck and you put a scabby hood catch on it.
Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee پیش سال
You look just like Adam Devine
i Kappa
i Kappa پیش سال
Nice repair job, but sanding the primer to the bear metal and cover with just paint, these parts will rust in no time.
Local vibes
Local vibes پیش سال
Amazing videos , keep up the good work.
Jay LeSecret
Jay LeSecret پیش سال
You deserve a million subs :) Enjoy your videos
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams پیش سال
You’re super chill V. But you have to get your sound on point. Sometimes a song is quiet and the wrenching is loud, other times, vise versa. Learn just a few sound editing basics and you’re subs will skyrocket!
Abdul Moiz
Abdul Moiz پیش سال
A humble request
Abdul Moiz
Abdul Moiz پیش سال
Just put videos early
Abdul Moiz
Abdul Moiz پیش سال
Erik Martinez
Erik Martinez پیش سال
You deserve to have more followers bro. You are hell'a good at what you do.
antonio martinez
antonio martinez پیش سال
Your very good with the gun. Great job!!!
canuckguy worried
canuckguy worried پیش سال
Did you fix that F250 that SomCrack needed tweaking??? Comments on his channel said it needed a major repair?? Wonder what was done and what was the verdict on it....?? Some said it needed a frame replacement???
BKRich پیش سال
Great video as always, I also like to stop by the comments to see all the old salty dudes hating and trying to give advice when they probably spent all their lives doing stuff like this and are only half as good as this young guy, keep up the good work and don’t listen to these geriatric haters sipping that hateraid all day while complaining
Michael Bowen
Michael Bowen پیش سال
Is this your truck
Tony Kruebbe
Tony Kruebbe پیش سال
It’s looking good bro!
киσтту پیش سال
What the plan with the cars you build , keep them for your self or sell them off after?
chris powers
chris powers پیش سال
How u gonna put that old rusty ass hood latch back on. Shoulda put a
LMCassidy پیش سال
“We washed the door so you guys wouldn’t complain.” Thats great and so true but people will still find something else to complain about. Looking good though! 💪🏻
Vaidas Evo
Vaidas Evo پیش سال
vTune logo matches ram badge, nice
Peter Egan
Peter Egan پیش سال
When it comes to American Iron, you guys are the best.
Darren Boston
Darren Boston پیش سال
You used the old bonnet catch!🙄... New? Quite a bit of orange peel on the door shuts but I guess on America trucks it doesn’t look out of place I guess!
Clayton Smith
Clayton Smith پیش سال
Love that truck man keep up the good work, you make it look so easy.
Skillysbro پیش سال
Bro, at least wire wheel that hood latch. Everything looks so nice and then you put that rusted piece on there? You're better than that.
Ndalama Cassius Maluleke
Ndalama Cassius Maluleke پیش سال
Everything looks easy, I had changed my shocks yesterday for the first time, Damn. Anyway nice video I love your videos. #Pros
RocHopn پیش سال
If you cant dodge it, ram it!
RGMS پیش سال
You should protect your entire body from all this paint stuff. Great job!
Smooth Jiminal
Smooth Jiminal پیش سال
Gus _HEMI5.7
Gus _HEMI5.7 پیش سال
Love the impact drill on every bolt haha
Rolex Enforcer
Rolex Enforcer پیش سال
Man this guy does clean work. These other channels should take lessons from this guy, he actually works and completes his projects instead af yapping for 20 minutes and never completing anything *coughs Tavarish
[Redacted] پیش سال
Just say Ram in the title. It sounds better and that’s how it is now.
boubled boubalto
boubled boubalto پیش سال
hi guys can u send me the link of the last section of the sound track tanks
boubled boubalto
boubled boubalto پیش سال
shout out from Algeria north Africa amazing job guys ,keep up the good work god bless what about the soundtrack it's very trendy "cool" can u send me the link tanks
Abdellah Mezoura
Abdellah Mezoura پیش سال
Here is the link of the song
plastic repair
plastic repair پیش سال
Greetings from Ireland Great vids keep up the great work your frame work is excellent could do with a guy with your skills over here👍
Lamster66 پیش سال
"V" why does the rear end look like its going down at an angle? Is that something you have to fix, something you took apart or is it meant to be like it?
Ahmed Tommy
Ahmed Tommy پیش سال
Good work dude
corint101 پیش سال
This man literally talks for about 15 seconds and gets straight to work!
portabull پیش سال
vtuned for the win!
Josh Anderson
Josh Anderson پیش سال
That truck looks amazing, it doesn't seem like that was enough damage for a total loss but it make a awesome build!
K B پیش سال
What brand is your battery powered ratchet gun ?
Marcus White
Marcus White پیش سال
I like that u don't do alot of talking
Don Dupy
Don Dupy پیش سال
It does my heart proud to see some of the younger generation working like this. Using their hands and tools to fix stuff. Great channel! Keep up the good work!
Tom Kon
Tom Kon پیش سال
Awesome vid, but the bonnet hook 😷, hope you are gonna swap it man!
Carter's Designs
Carter's Designs پیش سال
Was a clear coat necessary? It looks great, I'm just curious?
Aleks پیش سال
Assuming he's doing urethane base coat, it does not have nearly the same durability as adding clear. The other reason is it has to match the OEM side that wasn't touched
jalilul hasan
jalilul hasan پیش سال
So if u need to replace horns, u need to remove the whole fender first?
Danny Oliveira
Danny Oliveira پیش سال
Looking real good! Awesome job, love your channel.💯👍🏻💯👍🏻💯👍🏻
René Koenes
René Koenes پیش سال
Bitchin ride awesome stance
Justa YouTuber
Justa YouTuber پیش سال
Nice Ram 👍🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼
Rene Robes
Rene Robes پیش سال
If you should paint in the shop area again, wet the floor area to capture any dust that could blow around during spray, good job on the truck, looks good.
DaddytechEnt پیش سال
*Damn that's a sharp ass **truck.How** much would you charge me to respray my 2006 if i got it all prepped and ready to where all you had to do when i get there is mix & spray it? i would bring the paint too i just need someone to actually spray it on. if you're near the Goonzqquad you're not too far for me to drive i live just above Nashville so i'm thinking it could be all done in a day on a weekend and mine isn't a dually so it would fit in the booth unless it's just too long being a mega cab with a 6 foot bed*
Mike Kariuki
Mike Kariuki پیش سال
Matt پیش سال
Congrats on 200k
North East Outlet
North East Outlet پیش سال
Excellent as per usual. Leave the hood catch as is.... looks original and oem! 😊😊
infoslinger پیش سال
thanks for using the refreshing dnb backing everyone using the same generic house tunes drives me nuts. Good job on the truck too! Your work is always solid.
Kevin Arrington
Kevin Arrington پیش سال
Should've painted the door hinges!
Adam پیش سال
What does the V in Vtuned stand for ?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
jon yoda
jon yoda پیش سال
Work work and more work . Excellent . Nice job .--Good upload.
Stephen Erickson
Stephen Erickson پیش سال
Great work
seropserop پیش سال
Why is the recording quality such trash?
seropserop پیش سال
vTuned garage don’t potatoes record in 1080p? Lol
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Recorded it with a potato
Ahmed baloch
Ahmed baloch پیش سال
Good job bro
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh پیش سال
sailing wind
sailing wind پیش سال
You are the man
Jayaram G
Jayaram G پیش سال
Awesome job as always bro! My only complaint is that you don't clean the parts that haven't been painted, prior to putting them back onto the freshly painted surfaces + clean/paint or replace the rusty bolts, hood latch :D Maybe that's my OCD but still, am sure most of us fans must be having the same irritation as me. Thanks for the awesome content & keep doing what you do!
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