Rebuilding a Honda S2000 With Frame Damage

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vTuned garage

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Welcome Back to Vtuned today we work on a frame damage s2000
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yaqub kimura
yaqub kimura پیش 3 ماه
hey just wondering why dont u use spot welder?
Matt Play
Matt Play پیش 3 ماه
Awesome work 💪
Raythemanroe پیش 7 ماه
I like Honda's but I agree it's too cramped, S2000 would have been in my garage had they not been so darn cramped
dumbo7429 پیش 7 ماه
I never knew it was possible to buy those new inner panels from dealers.
dumbo7429 پیش 7 ماه
The Mike Patey of cars not planes
LIFES TO SHORT پیش 7 ماه
I this the one, that fell off lift ? @vTunedGarage
Eduardo Cesar de Oliveira Neto
Eduardo Cesar de Oliveira Neto پیش 7 ماه
Ralph RR
Ralph RR پیش 8 ماه
Where are you guys located?
Keith Gilbert
Keith Gilbert پیش سال
Great video (as usual). I really enjoy your no-nonsense videos where get into the details and show Real collision repair. I will say, this video seemed a little rushed and I would’ve liked to have seen more details on how are you pulled the structure out and welded in the new radiator support.
Novark Ngood
Novark Ngood پیش سال
That fucking music. In subbed
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
In subbed?
darangemaster1 پیش سال
you are a very talented young man !
Waseem Abbas
Waseem Abbas پیش سال
After watching M4 all its episodes. And seeing the S2K. Had to subscribe🤙🏽
Benjamin Meeks
Benjamin Meeks پیش سال
Is this Chris from supercar suspects s2000
Matthew Black
Matthew Black پیش سال
Whatever goonzquad do other chanels will do, it sucks nobody wants to see all channels rebuild the same cars. ferrari....sam crac has a ferrari. truck.....vtuned does a truck and sam crac reviews a truck. Lambo.......sam crac and vtuned and sam crac did a lambo. s2000.....vtuned s2000.
uncleheide پیش سال
You are so skilled you make this stuff look easy (it’s not). Great work man.
Ryan Manzi
Ryan Manzi پیش سال
You’re amazing.
Martin 32
Martin 32 پیش سال
My boy. saludos from ARGENTINA
Todd R
Todd R پیش سال
Be cool to see you do the first Gladiator rebuild on IRpost
willy1000 پیش سال
Great job. Keep it up bro
Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins پیش سال
Love the D&B, keep it up !
G W پیش سال
Tuned in (sorry ) for part 2 ,,excited to see this cool sports car come back from the dead ,,is it definitely getting a full rebuild by 'V' haha ,
T Tass
T Tass پیش سال
You smart guy and hard worker...good job bro
slay simps
slay simps پیش سال
nice work
Dallas Vrooman
Dallas Vrooman پیش سال
I like faster bigger more freeway cars myself, but can never dislike the S2K or even Miata used to hate until goin around some local curvey roads, my B5 an B8 S4 could never touch it on any sort of curves making 4x the power
Jeremy Perrod
Jeremy Perrod پیش سال
What a master at your craft...that was fun to watch. Sub'd.
salvage rebuilds uk
salvage rebuilds uk پیش سال
Not sure why you bother doing anything for that samcrac he could have showed any part of the bloke correcting that lambo but he chose the part you repaired then asked the bloke if it was good or bad. The bloke is a melt
Nahin Ahad
Nahin Ahad پیش سال
5:57 anyone know what song this is?
David Wilson
David Wilson پیش سال
Man I’d love to just be able to work with you for like a month to learn even a fraction of what you know!!! You are an awesome repair man.
I’m retired now but back in the day the thing I hated most about body work was drilling out spot welds
Kurosaki990Ichigo پیش سال
The American Artur Tussic
Jorge Robles
Jorge Robles پیش سال
👋Bro I Hardly Recomend you to search a Maseratti since they depreciate so much you can get one really cheap.. And you know it will always be a Maseratti so..
pp606mm پیش سال
I really love the passion you put into your work....Do you know of any shops in the Jacksonville Fl area you recommend that works with the integrity you have?
Castro Nevic
Castro Nevic پیش سال
You start your video like Goonzquad, bad. You should rather be yourself. I think you are very good. But let me think of something special at the beginning. Nice greeting from Hannover
Bottletree Farm
Bottletree Farm پیش سال
Dude your legit! But you need a camera lady!
Michael Franklin
Michael Franklin پیش سال
Nice job 👍👍👍
Walking Journey
Walking Journey پیش سال
Anyway possible I could hire you to fix my car please. It doesn't have to be on video.
TheIntegratyper99 پیش سال
Don’t be hating on Honda’s specially the s2k
Life Unwrapped
Life Unwrapped پیش سال
You're way better than Sam Crackhead. Keep up the good work.
Rick Rasterdly
Rick Rasterdly پیش سال
Top class work Vtuned! Is that the only way to find if it's straight/ no frame damage by rebuilding it and checking the shut lines?
Brian Weir
Brian Weir پیش سال
Somebody took it racing and couldn't track it better than a 14 year old with a learner's permit. I'm sure he can work his magic on that S2000.
davidb0126a پیش سال
Amazing work. Great talent! Keep it up!
Ahmed پیش سال
Song from 5:31 onwards?
Ronald Moparornocar
Ronald Moparornocar پیش سال
Nice work V I like the fact you are doing vehicles that the average person owns,buys,repairs .. exotics are nice once in awhile don't get me wrong but it's what average people have...not $200,000 dollar exotics love more muscle cars and trucks and performance rides Easier to sell the average car/truck than a lambo or Ferrari,R8, ECT ECT and so everyone knows I am NOT bashing at all but you guys are doing what I have been doing for 35+ years a resto mod car would be a great video by all of you guys a hellcat Dakota or a super charged LS into an S10 2wheel drive tire fryers with crazy paint sceams 392 caliber.....think about it who's doing it and has it been done...... Peace
Bailey Westby
Bailey Westby پیش سال
What's happening with the goon squads s2000
james curtis
james curtis پیش سال
the fit around that hood hinge is crap- hope you do replace it- and the hood (dented up there)- just not up to your standards...
Fred Jones
Fred Jones پیش سال
Super awesome bro wow!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
bryceboi1 پیش سال
Great video mate
Pop Bebo
Pop Bebo پیش سال
Smart kid
GODOY97GT پیش سال
3:54 what i was expecting
tim pedersen
tim pedersen پیش سال
Sad you copy the soundtrack from dyi gang.. But awesome work and video
Andrew پیش سال
фары мутные пиздец!
VINMAD666 پیش سال
Love ur channel ~•~°~•° keep doing what you do..........stay safe...PEACE
85rx7se پیش سال
That is a lot of work. Now once it all fits, you need to weld & paint everything, then reassemble. And I would suggest you change the headlight bulbs while you can get to them easily. Changing them after it is all back together, looks like a long job.
Nena WineOracle
Nena WineOracle پیش سال
For the most interesting work you speed up the video up til nonrecognition, but for screwing and unscrewing full length.
John Sailor
John Sailor پیش سال
I didn’t know dealership sells frame parts
dale haggart
dale haggart پیش سال
I really like your work I have a 2014 Charger that has front apron damage that is salvage car' One body shop said i made a big mistake , junk it !!! He said it was not worth the trouble to get inspected. You have done many cars that look really bad and make them good again. I wish i was closer to you , I"m just west of Hotlanta, and my 2001 Durango will have a hard time towing the Charger that far. Thanks for showing yours and your brothers work, I know it takes time to do the video work !!!
Ash Neel
Ash Neel پیش سال
That's art
James Allen
James Allen پیش سال
how do you know the front suspension location points are right, it took a big hit in the front ? it could be out 5-10 mil and drive like a crab.
D F پیش سال
Awesome job Bro! Find myself just waiting for another Vtuned video! Lol
OvenproofJake پیش سال
Great work, seriously. Pleaseeee wear PPE though, living on the edge with a grinder without a guard too 😭
Evil Ash
Evil Ash پیش سال
Paint it pink for him, lol. i'm sure he'll love it!,550x550,075,f.u1.jpg
Mikael Jonsson
Mikael Jonsson پیش سال
Awsome work as usual, you make it look soo easy! 😁👍
ALEX TOVAR پیش سال
Hello vTunned. Amazing job!!!! Looks Better than OEM.Love your videos.Keep up the good work.Greeting from Venezuela!!!!!!
A Google User
A Google User پیش سال
Congrats to hitting 200k subscribers. You'll be at a million in no time.
Gus _HEMI5.7
Gus _HEMI5.7 پیش سال
You make it look easy
Darrel Holmgren
Darrel Holmgren پیش سال
Fucken junk doesn't deserve any time to fix it's like a bic lighter when it dies throw the pieces of shit in the garbage
James Nasto
James Nasto پیش سال
Nice work on the Honda. Looking forward to the finished product.
Andresmdo16 Maldonado
Andresmdo16 Maldonado پیش سال
mokujin پیش سال
V-tuned repairing V-tack
Victor Victor
Victor Victor پیش سال
Ian Smith
Ian Smith پیش سال
yo is this song sayin baby shark? I can't unhear it nor can I get it out of my head.
Danny Robinson
Danny Robinson پیش سال
Skills . You like what you like but the s2000 is still a great car. Race ur hellcat against it on a short track and see who comes out on top. Keep it up, awesome content
Stop Teoriom Spiskowym
Stop Teoriom Spiskowym پیش سال
Arthur Tussik make it better
Robert Blackford
Robert Blackford پیش سال
Frame damage?
h2junkey پیش سال
When making repairs to the frame do you use any of the measuring tools? Is lining up the parts to make sure they line up/frame is straight just as beneficial? Do you do both?
Oldies FM 98.5 STEREO live
Oldies FM 98.5 STEREO live پیش سال
Good work man
DC Allan
DC Allan پیش سال
Nice 👍☮
Premier Auto Group Inc
Premier Auto Group Inc پیش سال
vTuned is the goat inspiration to all us young ppl
Mak 6
Mak 6 پیش سال
Bro....put on some gloves, protect your hands!
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor پیش سال
Congrats on 200k dude
James T
James T پیش سال
Great work. Think a good spot welder would help you.
kevin Thorn
kevin Thorn پیش سال
Honda S2000 are fantastic cars , really reliable ..granted they are small compared to American cars and trucks .. i guess they were meant for European roads really. ... top work as ever ...
The Electromechanical Channel
The Electromechanical Channel پیش سال
Great work Vtuned
Stephen Clark
Stephen Clark پیش سال
I can't remember what IRpost channel was but there was a IRpostr that had a yellow S2000 that fell off of a car lift and smashed the side front hood f****** everything this looks just like that one it was yellow too
Ben پیش سال
I have a 1993 Civic with 65000 miles
Fred Chase
Fred Chase پیش سال
I just love watching you perform your magic, A true tadesman I admire.
Menno Boon
Menno Boon پیش سال
Nice work, do you know something about the Goonzquad s2000? They put the other engine in but had something wrong with it still. Didnt hear about that any more, maybe you know?
james gumption
james gumption پیش سال
is this the one that fell off of the lift?
Geezus Gee
Geezus Gee پیش سال
S2000 🔰🔥
************** پیش سال
rebuilds a frame damaged car in an afternoon.....
Bully 1234
Bully 1234 پیش سال
I'm interested when it's finished.
shartne پیش سال
Nice fix. Looks awesome.
Automobile Universe
Automobile Universe پیش سال
love your hardwork
Siliconjim پیش سال
Fantastic work as always vtuned, but please, don't try to intro like Goonzquad. You're IP is the excellent work that you do, not the "down with my homies" shit.
78jroll پیش سال
Best rebuilds on IRpost buddy!
CivicChina پیش سال
Drive it, then you will start to like small cars ;)
WebbStacked پیش سال
Deserves way more subscribers
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson پیش سال
Amazing work man!
Eugene Polschikov
Eugene Polschikov پیش سال
awesoem job!!
Rey Baybay
Rey Baybay پیش سال
Made that shit look easy dudes a beast!
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