Rebuilding a Lifted Dodge Ram 3500 part 2

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vTuned garage

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vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
“Big thanks to Ridge for sending me this wallet and supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out! >”
Hassan12 Hassan12
Hassan12 Hassan12 پیش سال
I need job I'm pantr 00971543835016
Ima Starboy
Ima Starboy پیش سال
your a wizard
Orest Koval
Orest Koval پیش سال
Umbrex پیش سال
hang up some flags, they reduce the echo
FREE2BEE پیش سال
YOU R REAL DEAL ... "LEGIT...100%" UNSUBSCRIBED FROM "goonzshit"... I'll like to see dirty and real heavy work explained and real content video ... not just talking like some other channels... I'm glad you don't talk about stupid presents etc...
Richard Garcia
Richard Garcia پیش ماه
Many subscriber, need complete suite pall
don earl
don earl پیش 2 ماه
Maverick پیش 3 ماه
Hes gay tho.
Maverick پیش 3 ماه
Lame commercials on youtubers suck
Pierre Labbe
Pierre Labbe پیش 3 ماه
Love Wow. Canada 🔎😇👋👂💡👈👉🙏
Kelwin Cartagena
Kelwin Cartagena پیش 4 ماه
Nice job how much you pay for the truck at auction
Paul Marquis
Paul Marquis پیش 4 ماه
Nice work.
imflori dano
imflori dano پیش 4 ماه
Fuq all yalls thumbs down. This is a young man who is advancing himself with every project he tackles and completes. He's also showin that vehicles are salvageable if ya are willin ta take the tyme to repair by usin new and used parts ta make it like "OEM" as he states. Keep up da gud workin yungin and fuq da haters.
Jen B
Jen B پیش 4 ماه
Puts on whole suit and no gloves to grind steel, only a dust mask is needed. Puts on a dust mask to sand the toxic clear coat off to do body filler. Huh?
WETeam17 پیش 4 ماه
Ppl the like button looks like this 👍🏻. Don’t get confused 😐
John Mack
John Mack پیش 4 ماه
Safety to the "vtuned" max...
Chespi Morales
Chespi Morales پیش 4 ماه
Looking good 👌
Carlos Zambrano
Carlos Zambrano پیش 4 ماه
Saludos vTuned excelente trabajo...!
Nathaniel Gould
Nathaniel Gould پیش 4 ماه
You make body work look easy.
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair پیش 4 ماه
Thought I would run through some of your older jobs that interest me and then a question popped into my pea box.... how old a rig is it easy enough to get new metal for.?? I can assume that much older could be salvaged from a wrecking yard okay enough but what five years or will they go back say ten or fifteen?? Like new old stock or does that just go back and they melt and bend it into bullets or doors, depending on the day??
Neville Tabone
Neville Tabone پیش 4 ماه
nice well done from Malta
Carlos manuel Diaz Lopez
Carlos manuel Diaz Lopez پیش 4 ماه
Larry Harris
Larry Harris پیش 5 ماه
Hey vtuned I like that you are a young person that knows what they won’t out of life .
Christopher Swaney-Moore
Christopher Swaney-Moore پیش 5 ماه
Whats to be safe doesn't use anti cut gloves while grinding.
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc پیش 8 ماه
He wore the suit ripped the panel of with no gloves no respirator but wears a gay suit to do spot welds he could have caught fire it looked like a designer suit I can’t stand these kids on you tube buying trucks from ther bullshit on you tube or daddy’s money used used part aftermarket panel and flog it and make thousands of dollars look at this rust ther was no rust the paint peeled prob from the flies that came out of it paint and aluminum prob prepped wrong nice suit scared of a little spark
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc پیش 8 ماه
A bunch of rust you have never seen rust lol
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc پیش 8 ماه
A little to safe you might catch fire in that suit you can’t handle a little spark is why you wore all that gear lol I’m surprised you don’t have you gay suit on for the body work lol why would you use a used axle hope it fucks up you will prob just flog it to some one and make a million dollars for doing nothing can’t even use new parts also a aftermarket body panel junk the after market shit and using a old part on a nice truck I hope it breaks cause of your cheapness
Raymond Tucker Jr
Raymond Tucker Jr پیش 8 ماه
Greetings vTuned. My first time viewing your channel, but I'm a faithful Goonzquad subscriber and have seen your amazing skills and persona on numerous occasions. I'm now a subscriber to your channel and hope it's a good experience. Good luck bro
Stan Tate
Stan Tate پیش 8 ماه
Ford F-350 1986
Ford F-350 1986 پیش 8 ماه
I think it’s just me but I hate bondo
Richard Price
Richard Price پیش 8 ماه
I'm impressed with your skills considering your age. You had a great mentor...if your self taught...WOW!
dirt racer
dirt racer پیش 8 ماه
Wish i had his hair
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks پیش 8 ماه
All the osha'commenters make you put on a suit. I would be sick of reading those comments.
Don HSpivey
Don HSpivey پیش سال
I've worked on metal for years, grinding and stuff, but I don't think I've ever seen a monkey suit and welding mask for grinding ever, but if u feel safe, then you do that
carlos olvera
carlos olvera پیش سال
10k miles later... my LF bearing is making noise haha. Nice Vid man!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Hahahah true that
Handlez پیش سال
Didn't want it to end.
24auhr پیش سال
i see samcrac taught you how to be a shill , its not worth the extra 20 per vid is it ? imo you guys are worth watching just the way you are . !
iamyourfuture808 پیش سال
Must be an American thang but to me these things look ridiculous. No denying This guys a grafter
David J
David J پیش سال
Way to troll the safety nags.
Chris Manzo
Chris Manzo پیش سال
You lost wait
Megadeth 1
Megadeth 1 پیش سال
Nice truck...But why the beige interior? ..Eh...🇺🇸✌😎
Kenneth Melvin
Kenneth Melvin پیش سال
Looks good
Michael Huber
Michael Huber پیش سال
What song is that at 0:20?!
Michael Huber
Michael Huber پیش سال
Swif7 - No Games
Reginald Williams
Reginald Williams پیش سال
Young Brother once again your killing it. Thanks man keep it moving....
B.justice96 پیش سال
Safety is important but don't wear gloves
Ben Scott
Ben Scott پیش سال
Keep the vids coming bro. 🔥🔥🔥
Scalawag پیش سال
What camera and editing software do you use?
Josh Josh
Josh Josh پیش سال
You all going to sell this truck? If so, INTERESTED!!
mmanut پیش سال
Nice job‼️👍👍. Vinny 🇺🇸
Lamster66 پیش سال
200K people enjoy all you Videos. For the guy that bails most other youtubers out of their frame damaged copart purchases You deserve more subscribers Hopefully you'll hit 500K pretty soon.
24auhr پیش سال
can these guys get in amoungst it ? hell yeah !
Tony Ray
Tony Ray پیش سال
Block up after jacking up, in case of jack fail.
Shane Black Lord
Shane Black Lord پیش سال
Is that your truck or is it customer's? Great work as usual! Love your channel, How is the BWM?
Ima Starboy
Ima Starboy پیش سال
im more of a car guy and this truck makes me want a truck, sick truck man
Eza Wainscoting Tutorial
Eza Wainscoting Tutorial پیش سال
Roger Thaine Sr.
Roger Thaine Sr. پیش سال
Amazingly talented, but not 100% safe. Gloves and glasses should always be used.
RichardBodeker پیش سال
Comment!!! 🤣
barry aitchison
barry aitchison پیش سال
awesome nice truck will be nice to see it finished
Noname پیش سال
it kinda looks like the front is pushed back just look at the spring in the video
Gilbert Franklin
Gilbert Franklin پیش سال
Are you going to sell this truck, or keep it?
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers پیش سال
VTuned...201k subs and climbing!!
FamousWettbutter پیش سال
Good stuff my dude :)
Tophertoy3 پیش سال
Best videos and best how to content. Following this build. You have great skill, wish I had a shop like you, id be right there with you . Can't wait to see this complete.
John barfneck
John barfneck پیش سال
wear a light weight flip down face shield and a 3m respirator/particulate mask for welding fumes and grinder dust and a long sleeve welding shirt and lightweight work gloves .........the dough boy outfit is a little over kill.......worry about your eyes and lungs first.........welded for 20+ years trust me your lungs will thank you and so will your eyes.......just read the ms data sheets on the welding wire and the grinder wheels and you will see why.....
Rusty پیش سال
Great video guys love all your work 👍👍👍
lowlife2 Gomez
lowlife2 Gomez پیش سال
Safety first where’s the jack stand or throw a tire under truck
Don Rippy
Don Rippy پیش سال
I think you're missing an axle nut to
Prince Edward
Prince Edward پیش سال
Looks like Samcrac's rear diffuser needs a respray on his Ferrari, I left a message with him because I know you do an awesome job.
Dexter Mcintosh
Dexter Mcintosh پیش سال
Saftey is our number 1 priority but has no jack plate while lifting a Dodge Ram lol
Jayson Burns
Jayson Burns پیش سال
It's super nice to c a young guy like you fix the the body damage without filling the crushed spaced without using Bondo...your doing a great job buddy
Manish _750
Manish _750 پیش سال
what happens to Lamborghini Gallardo waiting for video so long
pastor tinio, jr
pastor tinio, jr پیش سال
dude, that's legit!
Anitul Islam
Anitul Islam پیش سال
Hello can you give me job I'm all car mechanic I'm from bangladesh
B Eazay
B Eazay پیش سال
What wheels are those
WrongwayUp پیش سال
I am having issues with our frame for our youtube build. Where are you located and do you do walk-ins ?
portabull پیش سال
vtuned for the win!
Dave Tires
Dave Tires پیش سال
L👀X like that rig will pull better than the #goonzquad will,Just Sayin🤓👍🇺🇸
GetoverYourself پیش سال
The music, ouch, unsubcribed. .
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Thanks bro ur the best
Sports Cars
Sports Cars پیش سال
Thats a cool truck
Richard Angelo Woods
Richard Angelo Woods پیش سال
Great job! Keep it going!!!
78jroll پیش سال
You think you could do a recycled Hem Flanged Quarter?
Matthew Casey
Matthew Casey پیش سال
You’re gonna fill the diff/axle back up I hope otherwise it’s gonna get crunchy pretty quick
mat mul
mat mul پیش سال
Just a tip, you don't have put music in between every talking clip you do. For the shorter clips, just watching and hearing the noises of your work is cool. A fan from the UK
grant claassens
grant claassens پیش سال
Where is the Porsche 911?
Claudiu Toca
Claudiu Toca پیش سال
You are a talented young man. Keep it up !!!
albert rivera
albert rivera پیش سال
V everybody is talking about ur BMW did u get into a accident and gave to someone else to fix?
Raphael Sávio
Raphael Sávio پیش سال
You miss the protection of your hands, most important! Remember that next time!
IINotSavageII پیش سال
Why don’t you use a spot welder
Willem P
Willem P پیش سال
200.000 subs Well done V Tune.....
Andy's House Of Gears
Andy's House Of Gears پیش سال
Doing awesome work, keep it up!
S . L . R . Z . R . 1
S . L . R . Z . R . 1 پیش سال
Filming video now is much better .. wait a new .. and if i want put some body filler should be on meta ?
friendlywhiteguy پیش سال
This truck looks insane. Those massive duallies look amazing.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith پیش سال
Great video skipped the wallet ad
Richard M
Richard M پیش سال
That truck gonna to be a awesome truck when you get done it sound awesome and gonna look bad ass
DerekSpeare پیش سال
What do you do to inhibit rust on all the bare metal prior to paint?
Darren Turnbull
Darren Turnbull پیش سال
Hi, vTuned what brand of body filler do u use on it repairs👍
Automobile Universe
Automobile Universe پیش سال
congrats for 200k
diegogt32 پیش سال
Saudações do brazil!!!!
Paulie G23
Paulie G23 پیش سال
If you don't mind me asking....what's your age mr. Tuned?
jamewakk پیش سال
Stop beeing so gay.
Justa YouTuber
Justa YouTuber پیش سال
Ive been waiting for this truck!!! 🤣 this Dodge is Awesome 😎 👍🏼👍🏼
Wilson Andrade
Wilson Andrade پیش سال
Alister Rebello
Alister Rebello پیش سال
Nice space suit lmao ❤️🔥
DaddytechEnt پیش سال
*Safety is number1 priority? You been watching too much crazy Russian Hacker lol*
JeepAnimal پیش سال
Loving the Dodge build. Really liked the way the truck stood when you first showed it too. Even busted, it still looked big and nasty.
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