Rebuilding my Destroyed Ram Part 6 Reassembled the interior.

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Welcome back to the channel in today's video We Put The Rams interior all back together and New from windshield and paint front and back bumper. Enjoy!
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ريمكس ISMAEL
ريمكس ISMAEL پیش 3 روز
عراقي مرا من هنا
Joshua Parent
Joshua Parent پیش 8 روز
Is the car besides it a Genesis coupe?
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton پیش 8 روز
Starts every segment with the word So.
osama alsamahin
osama alsamahin پیش 9 روز
ول عليك قد ما بتحكي
Mas Bambang
Mas Bambang پیش 9 روز
He knows what he is doing 😑 Great job!
A W پیش 10 روز
Just started recently following - quality content like this is exactly the right direction the car world DIY stuff should be heading. The skills you and your brother have plus the get 'er done attitude is invaluable beyond measure - plus showing all of us how its done in a very well formatted laid back style with good tunes is super dope for youtube. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FELLAS!
Caraga Today
Caraga Today پیش 10 روز
Where is the part 5?
zander grant
zander grant پیش 10 روز
Guy says I’m not a painter bat at the same time could open up a paint shop with those skills
Ernest Rolle
Ernest Rolle پیش 11 روز
awesome job dude
عبدالرحمن العنزي
عبدالرحمن العنزي پیش 11 روز
pro this part 5 ?
Robin Wheatley
Robin Wheatley پیش 12 روز
Loving the build and you are very talented BUT please find a different phrase to start with other than "so we got" and "so let go ahead and" I have lost count of how many times you have said it just in this build alone.
Jeff domner
Jeff domner پیش 12 روز
Don't you just love finding a channel with an already complete project lol theres no waiting for the next video you can't just b let ask through and watch all of it
Jake Millross
Jake Millross پیش 12 روز
I’m taking auto and paint for a senior class you need to wear glasses and a full suit it’s all regulations and you could get fined
Carlos Leones
Carlos Leones پیش 12 روز
Dustin pourier
Arturo Bolanos
Arturo Bolanos پیش 12 روز
Good looking hard working young man I hope my daughter find one like him.
T AL پیش 13 روز
Safety... Work... 100% 👍
Manny Contreras
Manny Contreras پیش 15 روز
Wow after seeing you do just about everything, now you are going to paint that bumper. You sure are jack of all trades. You are not afraid to try new things, right.
Manny Contreras
Manny Contreras پیش 15 روز
Dam for ur age you sure know slot young man. I give you a thumb up for all your knowledge at such a young age.
Kenny Enriquez
Kenny Enriquez پیش 16 روز
You are a very hard working young man. But please take care of your hands man. Clean up your nails. Use gloves. Idk. Your fingers are constantly on camera.
Bredy Andino
Bredy Andino پیش 22 روز
Good job you are smart
Tom Harmon
Tom Harmon پیش 24 روز
You are amazing at the repairs!
Gerson Josias
Gerson Josias پیش 27 روز
Esse cara é fera sou Brasileiro e admiro muito o profissionalismo top
Jason Mercer
Jason Mercer پیش 29 روز
Man nice shop even comes with a paint booth.
Swannie swan
Swannie swan پیش ماه
Awesome vids, quick to the point, but right on track.Amazed at your skills!
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez پیش ماه
Great work bro
William T. Mullen Sr.
William T. Mullen Sr. پیش ماه
Do you do all the work on putting it all back together?
Eighth Man
Eighth Man پیش ماه
Bro you missed some Jheri Curl funk under that back seat. Just sayin.
Dj baynard
Dj baynard پیش ماه
What camera are you using to record footage
Car Dar
Car Dar پیش ماه
At 13:19... so embarrassing. How the world views older men of color. Mad skills vtuned.
Quante Lynn
Quante Lynn پیش ماه
man you guy's did a great job 👊🏽 do you guys have any location in Florida 🙏
Gregory raiford
Gregory raiford پیش ماه
Good video work reversing some clips to speed up editing time. Trim work is good. These guys are impressive all around! Cool channel guys
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza پیش 2 ماه
The Windshield will not easily break in have if it sits outside but it can happen more easily. Although pretty unlikely. There is not much need to cool it off other than to not burn the hell out of yourself. Also as a side note you really should start using primer for installing glass. I work in the auto-glass industry and its really is not safe to install a glue in window without primer. You can pretty much kick a window out with no cutting involved with no primer. In an accident that is not safe at all. Especially considering most passenger air bag now deploy up into the window before heading out to the cab. I know rules and laws are different in other parts of the world but seeing first hand what can happen makes you want to be sure to have it done the best way possible.
Dan Bierschbach
Dan Bierschbach پیش 2 ماه
i wish you would even out your volume. the music is soft and your dialog is easily double the volume..
Peter Day I Am
Peter Day I Am پیش 2 ماه
Looks like a good painter to me. Thanks for the video.
Zel white
Zel white پیش 2 ماه
I watch video's like this all the time, but out of all of them this is the best one. I'm really enjoying this truck rebuild. I look forward to more video's.
vTuned. Man who do this Man ! Your Dad made me laugh. YOUR Dad He's cool. IS YOUR DAD FROM ITALY. If so .I'm assuming SICILY. If not Where is he from. Peace OUT.
David Reynolds
David Reynolds پیش 2 ماه
People that have never done body work don’t realize how much money gos into it, all I see are dollar signs the whole video lol
Bryan Blair
Bryan Blair پیش 2 ماه
Have you decided what you’re gonna do with the wheels? I sent a dm on insta, I’m looking for one of those exact wheels as I have a bent one
9T2 پیش 2 ماه
Goon squad dad cameo
uniting peopleinterntional
uniting peopleinterntional پیش 2 ماه
good job. but .. to much bla bla bla
Daniel Sechko
Daniel Sechko پیش 2 ماه
Just wondering, are u slavic boy?
Rick Bitz
Rick Bitz پیش 2 ماه
Hey man. Just wanted you to know I really admire your hard work ethic and your interest in acquiring a professional level skill set. You should be really proud of yourself. Great job. Keep up the good work.
Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer پیش 2 ماه
You need clean hands when doing head liners!
Wilson پیش 2 ماه
You could use some better lights, it was pretty dark.
Sean Hosseinzadeh
Sean Hosseinzadeh پیش 2 ماه
Great job!!!
REPZ06 پیش 2 ماه
Should of called Goonzquad for a favor to help paint the doors . Looks awesome a lot of hard work 💪🏻
Road Runner
Road Runner پیش 3 ماه
Nice “Vtuned” family business. I think you did just fine with the painting.
waps7777 پیش 3 ماه
Think the rear bumper came out better than the front
vibin پیش 3 ماه
What year is that truck?
Jafar Ali
Jafar Ali پیش 3 ماه
Use a light in your video.
Bob Stienke
Bob Stienke پیش 3 ماه
You cut the v into the tube because you are the Vtuned expert!
Ez E's Rebuilds
Ez E's Rebuilds پیش 3 ماه
Keep'em coming love to watch and learn from the best
Jason Swift
Jason Swift پیش 3 ماه
How many of the cars you restore do you keep? or just sell for a profit and then put that money towards other projects?
Verny Mora
Verny Mora پیش 3 ماه
This ram needs to do some off-roading in Moab or Everglades💪🏻🔥
Nivek Marshall
Nivek Marshall پیش 3 ماه
Finally something he can't do, paint............And it turns out Perfect. 🤣🤣
romanik26 پیش 3 ماه
A Ukrainian to another Ukrainian. Pryvit!
Ricky Cox
Ricky Cox پیش 3 ماه
You do coke much?
Jackson Nutt
Jackson Nutt پیش 3 ماه
Heart skipped a beat when you jumped on the rear tyre holding the rear window LOL!
NEROJAN Ravichandran
NEROJAN Ravichandran پیش 3 ماه
You should paint the doors too - you're a pro!
NEROJAN Ravichandran
NEROJAN Ravichandran پیش 3 ماه
I just realized - I've been watching you for years but still don't know your name?
Rambo Firstblood
Rambo Firstblood پیش 3 ماه
Are you wanting to donate it to a needy family? That be nice truck to haul my 👶.
Upallnight پیش 3 ماه
Those bumper covers turned out AMAZING!!!
ssantos010287 پیش 3 ماه
It's like putting humpty dumpty together again. Do you put it back just based on memory?
Jimf پیش 3 ماه
Just a tip for working on tall trucks. Put it on a lift, remove the wheels and tires and lower it to the ground. Makes it much easier to work on.
steven sreejith
steven sreejith پیش 3 ماه
Really great work bro
ALsRig پیش 3 ماه
Here are a few things that that are really important when it comes to fixing cars and VTuned explained it like a champ Windshield glue and cutting the funnel into a triangle shape - 8:34 Watering the windshield to cool it down so that it doesn't crack - 12:01
ALsRig پیش 3 ماه
Other car people: Please handle my windshield with care VTuned: 9:37
Scott Carpenter
Scott Carpenter پیش 3 ماه
I love seeing that this is another great family business! Just like with the guys at Goonzquad, keep your family involved and supporting you!
Mike Butler
Mike Butler پیش 3 ماه
I know it's not really your thing but knowing what money you have invested when you are all done would be kind of cool? I'm guessing you buy these totalled vehicles pretty cheap and then your family's mad skills take over. Truck looks awesome ..... mind you with your magic really already knew what the outcome will be. Should let your brother loose on one of these rebuilds and do a wild vTune custom paint theme?
Chuck I
Chuck I پیش 3 ماه
Just watched the police chase with this truck. Pretty intense, surprised that was all the damage it had. The dude that stole it beat the crap out of it.
Hector Estrada
Hector Estrada پیش 3 ماه
Can’t believe people will actually give a thumbs down on any of these kids vid smart and talented just like his dad great keeping the Body Shop with in the family ... Just like my Family special shoutout to My pops and his pops also anyone out there that does auto body for a living hats off to y’all ....
Bishop پیش 3 ماه
What kind of camera is that the quality is top notch
N A R C O پیش 3 ماه
Dude looks like a man and a teenage boy at the same time
Rene Robes
Rene Robes پیش 3 ماه
Nice work on the Ram, didn't look like much when you brought it in, but you're making in alive again.
Russ Hall
Russ Hall پیش 3 ماه
Not worth the money
Brenton Porter
Brenton Porter پیش 3 ماه
Loving the new camera dude
BlackWolf پیش 3 ماه
Nice jump on the truck tire with the rear glass assembly in your hand
Kyle P
Kyle P پیش 3 ماه
Keep em coming!
Ro Bars
Ro Bars پیش 3 ماه
Hey man, love your videos, they motivate me a lot. Question: I live in Michigan, where do you think I should start looking for a good frame guy. Or what should I look for in a guy who does frame work?
Mike Angelastro
Mike Angelastro پیش 3 ماه
Vtuned can do it all. You the man🇺🇸
John hobbs
John hobbs پیش 3 ماه
Vtuned, where is Car Quest Professional Paint located? I need pick up some paint supplies.
David J
David J پیش 3 ماه
Ven or Ben ??
Gregory Tomlinson
Gregory Tomlinson پیش 3 ماه
An amazing job keep up the hard work maybe you should paint some more when it's time to paint the mustang you can do it all yourself can't wait to see what's next god bless to you and the family
Peter Evosirch
Peter Evosirch پیش 3 ماه
Nice work!
JSPR28 پیش 3 ماه
Funny how he said "I'm no painter" and did great job
Machiavelli III
Machiavelli III پیش 3 ماه
Excellent video again vtuned, hey glad you wearing gloves 🧤 after my previous comment. Good on ya, gotta protect your hands they are your most valuable tool!
Built To Run
Built To Run پیش 3 ماه
Super dope content;)
VOLKZZORN پیش 3 ماه
A dream of a truck 😍 what would I give because driving in Germany, unfortunately the earnings in Germany are too low 😔 it remains a dream 😔 I have to say that really great work makes the cars always great! In my next life I grow up USA 👍🏻
Billy White
Billy White پیش 3 ماه
So you say that you are not a painter. Could have had me fooled. You do an excellent job with everything you do in the shop.
adam pring
adam pring پیش 3 ماه
dont really want to add a bad comment but i would recommend u try and improve ur editing mate good content though
jeff fallowfield
jeff fallowfield پیش 3 ماه
gota love it when pops approves
Egon1982 پیش 3 ماه
Great job with those bumpers :) they look way better then 7:12 🙄 P.s From 2:04 tutorial how to scratch fresh paint
Dave Stubbs
Dave Stubbs پیش 3 ماه
Seriously talented.
Edward Estaya
Edward Estaya پیش 3 ماه
I like how you and Goonzquad both have European fathers! That's awesome! Good paint job!
Raymond Jones
Raymond Jones پیش 3 ماه
you forgot to prime the back glass and the windshield. that glue is just gonna peel off
Tony B
Tony B پیش 3 ماه
V-Tuned's slow Jazz music makes my eyes droopy...
Roger Thaine Sr.
Roger Thaine Sr. پیش 3 ماه
Dad's shop is a total Collission/Repair Business. Very nice- Family Business. Now we know how VTuned knows as much as he does. Great work ethics= Great Work- Amazing!!
LCD consultant
LCD consultant پیش 3 ماه
Your cutting of the tip on the glue gun was key. Goonsquad pay attention.
K P پیش 3 ماه
Are you going to keep this as your shop truck. You are doing a fine job on it. 😀
Kenneth Harwood
Kenneth Harwood پیش 3 ماه
You do some great work. My brother and I were Body Techs for many years and I spent over 30 years as an estimator for an Insurance Company. We've always said we need more young guys and gals getting into the trade. You are an excellent example . Keep up the good work . Enjoy your videos. By the way, thank you for teaching the Goonzquad Boys the correct part names.
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