Rebuilding My Wrecked BMW M4 Part 2

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vTuned garage

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Welcome back to another episode today we get started on the m4 body work!
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Anthony Supplee
Anthony Supplee پیش 3 ماه
V, you’re cool, you’re a Good Guy BUT, if you wipe that dirt off your chin, you’d be cooler! Or add to it full Goat
mrwaltzerboy پیش 6 ماه
Bodge it n scarper. Primer n paint need to be applied in a dust free clean environment not in the middle of a garage. Plus the fact u cleaned the bumper then primed it in filthy dusty clothes defeats the object really. It may look good once done for a few weeks but then cracks will start to show of your bodge work.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش 6 ماه
It’s been over a year still looks perfect...
Major Disaster
Major Disaster پیش 6 ماه
PPE bro
Архитектор Мендисабаль
Архитектор Мендисабаль پیش 6 ماه
Like... Job very good. Im is crimea live. am Job to paint Car.
Michael Tyre
Michael Tyre پیش 7 ماه
He uses one of the cheap harbor freight gravity feed guns too, they work awesome for the money.
Jefferson de nobrega
Jefferson de nobrega پیش 7 ماه
4:09 amazing work from this guy!
Hey bro where is your shop
D Figueroa
D Figueroa پیش 10 ماه
I typically don’t comment on videos but you deserve it ! Awesome work bro ! Straight to the point best of luck.
David Farley
David Farley پیش 10 ماه
Why not just use spot putty and a hard block to do your ruff in then go to the soft block, when I was doing this we used lead and had to tin the damage first, then we used our lead rods bee's wax and a wooden paddle then used a body file to repair the damage
Performance Rebuilds
Performance Rebuilds پیش 11 ماه
I used to own a M4 in the same colour, really awesome cars, very informative video.
Gamer84211 پیش 11 ماه
This is my favourite colour for a bmw M4. I used to have a M4 in the same colour.
MrSant67 پیش 11 ماه
It is an easier repair to not apply filler to half the fender/bumper. And then have to sand it, very amateur.
Anton Valentine
Anton Valentine پیش سال
“These Germans are really smart!”😂 felt a little condescending but whatever lol
Michael Wiebers
Michael Wiebers پیش سال
How in the world are you able to know what to do to even start work on a car? Is there a website you go to that gives you this information? I'm an old man and won't do any car work, but I am interested. That's an interesting color combination; gold and red? Well you're stuck with it, but black interior to me would be esthetically better. Have always enjoyed your videos from the first time I saw them. Like that you show us the actual working on the car. Very professional. Best of luck on this car, but I'm sure you will do fine.
BY پیش سال
Je passe des bon moments en regardant les vidéos 👍
ahmet durmaz
ahmet durmaz پیش سال
I am really fascinated by your work. Nice Video dude.
Bartosz Owczarek
Bartosz Owczarek پیش سال
Amerykaniec i ze szpachlą lata ;D chyba był w Polsce na praktykach :D
ZM MZ پیش سال
How I see u don't have any idea how do body work noob
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira پیش سال
Esse maluco é treta!! Shouts from Brazil!
ASSK555 پیش سال
This is what you call a professional
Ron پیش سال
I know nothing about this stuff. Do you necessarily need to use filler on the rear corner? I understand repainting but, it's going to be well hidden...
Castro Nevic
Castro Nevic پیش سال
what ist that for Body Filler ? The white i mean
Jerk Of All Trades
Jerk Of All Trades پیش سال
You didn’t use metal etch before primer
Nabil Karroumi
Nabil Karroumi پیش سال
What kind of power tool are you using. It looks electric and powerful . could you please tell me which one it is?
Vahagn khachatryan
Vahagn khachatryan پیش سال
its actually painful to watch what you are doing since its very obvious to a professional you have no idea what you are doing man, if this was in Australia they would have failed the VIV inspection in a heartbeat and declared the car unregistrable due to your poor quality repairs. This is why people are so careful of buying used cars after seeing hacks like this guy butcher this car with such easy repairs.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
abu khalid
abu khalid پیش سال
great job but you should wearing a gloves for safety
Ql 15
Ql 15 پیش سال
This is such a good life. Relaxing, repairing cars☺️
Ql 15
Ql 15 پیش سال
I mean relaxing is to fix cares
Jabba Sjz
Jabba Sjz پیش سال
Don't ever put putty straight onto metal, it's a great food for rust. Use proper 2K epoxy primer first, then putty, sand, again epoxy, filler primer, sand, acrylic primer.
Big Yeet Daddy
Big Yeet Daddy پیش سال
great job, your videos make me love cars more and more.
AmyirtanTolgakrky پیش سال
This hit/fast car is nothing for low brain babys under 30+
davidelcaid پیش سال
i never thought that bumper was actually usable and could be rescued wow
Arminas ArminaS
Arminas ArminaS پیش سال
Just click on random video and i like this 🤩😍😍😍 SUBSCRIBE
John Pitcher
John Pitcher پیش سال
Too much music, a bit more chatting required.
havkacik پیش سال
When you rebuild metal frame like that, structural integrity of the metal is corrupted. Is there any other way how to fix the frame damage? Is there a way for a garage to get new metal part and weld it to the non corrupted parts?
Gilbert Franklin
Gilbert Franklin پیش سال
Anyone who wants to see how good this rebuild channel really is, just go watch Randy on Auto Auction Rebuilds - all talk, no action. Here we get to see the work being done... 👍
Алёша Пап
Алёша Пап پیش سال
За такую рихтовку и шпаклевку руки тебе бы оторвать , весь гермет оригинал содрал и намазал херни хз зачем , лучше вообще не трогал бы там ,
MrKansai1 teghe
MrKansai1 teghe پیش سال
I like your filler, it seems like it is something glue -ish. Isn't it? What was the grind you used for sanding the rear bumper for the first time? Looked sharp. I also do hope a lot for keeping about as much not painted panels as I can. It is not only the time and the work you need to put into one. As a buyer (future owner) of a used car, you probably look for the one without painted panels or some very little, if possible? So do I and yes, people that are serious buyers do ask a specialist about the shell value. because no matter what, you will never make paint job so precisely and so thin that it will look like a factory robot work. That's why even before buying the car (fix and resell or else) I do check local and internet shops for used panels in original paint of the color number the car I'm going purchase. Also, I tend to not paint the panel if there are only a few very minor cuts and scratches - when no rusting or causing the visible look issue. It certainly adds some honesty to the rebuild. Sometimes you just don't want another 70% 2nd time painted ride. I wish you guys all the best.
MrKansai1 teghe
MrKansai1 teghe پیش سال
Guys, you do a lot of work and you show it - which is great, but... please keep in mind to not repeat yourself in more than 2 breaks/summing ups/disclaimers of yours. Just take your time, maybe to figure out about something funny or something unusual at your garage, with your work, etc. People gonna love that since you will show yourself more personal.
nikond90 پیش سال
The details you provide are awesome,
Rob C
Rob C پیش سال
great skills for a younger guy! very impressed !
Ismail Congar
Ismail Congar پیش سال
I like this man work and speak not to much
JimmyJJ 1996
JimmyJJ 1996 پیش سال
Always wondered what why did my bmw bumper firm throw away all the "not" perfect bumpers , when you could sell it used/replacment and cash out real easy
artbyrobot پیش سال
I find it annoying that instead of buffing out scratches and using some scratch repair techniques, these guys sand down the entire bumper and repaint the whole thing with like $80-150 worth of urethane paint and then 3 coats of clear. Super overkill. Scratch repair can cost next to nothing if you know what you are doing. Same with little dents. Paintless dent repair is the way to go and he often skips this simple method and instead replaces and paints ENTIRE PANELS that just had small dents that paintless dent repair could have solved to perfection. Just very wasteful from a monetary standpoint.
Ryan O'Connell
Ryan O'Connell پیش سال
Can you teach the "B is for Build" guys how to do professional safe bodywork?
Ima Starboy
Ima Starboy پیش سال
dope build, hope to see u finish it
Superboss1 پیش سال
I am hooked. You dude are awesome. Got some mad rebuilding skills.
Scabootie پیش سال
Wouldnt you need to apply a primer to the bare metal?
Jay پیش سال
Talented young man, no messing around. Subbed.
Mario Rivera
Mario Rivera پیش سال
harbor freight special
Luke Jones
Luke Jones پیش سال
Hey man, since I know you read the comments. Look into isocyanate exposure. It's in virtually any paint you mix a hardener into ; bases, primers, clears etc. It's a cumulative poison and enters through your skin, ears, eyes, and obviously lungs. Once you reach a threshold of exposure you become sensitized and can't work around these products anymore and you can also develop work related asthma. I see you have a downdraft booth and that's awesome but even the best masks don't stop this particular chemical ; only fresh air supplied masks and fresh air supplied shields prevent inhalation. Do some research ; isocyanates are wicked. Just looking out for ya ; use protection🤙
James Allen
James Allen پیش سال
spray booth is filthy
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
That’s the prep room yea it’s a little dirty
Alessandro Giannotti
Alessandro Giannotti پیش سال
First time here... really good job! And nice channel. Instant Sub 😁
Hessu55 پیش سال
why do you body fill behind the bumber ? To hide the car was in an accident ?
Saiful Nasque
Saiful Nasque پیش سال
Did he own this workshop?
Stu F
Stu F پیش سال
Love seeing the guy in the background with his sandals on happily working away!!
T'airn'KA پیش سال
Seeing the "plastic" being applied reminded me of my Auto Body instructor demands that, when finished (ready for primer) it must be no more then a 32nd of an inch thick. We all knew that was nearly impossible (in a production shop) but no one asked for a demo so he come around, look at it from different directions, run his hand over it then either give an Ok (rarely), fix this (fairly often) or do it over (dreaded words). I think he was happy at a 16th of an inch thick. It was over 40 years ago, maybe it was a 64th of an inch and be happy with a 32nd?
theBigMoose پیش سال
You sir are a magnificent artist in metal and plastic! I salute you! Glad to see you using PPE too. Sure wish my generation would have known to use breathing masks and gloves back in the 70s...
Jonathan Bishop
Jonathan Bishop پیش سال
Love that you just get in to the vid! No waffle, no breakdown of what’s to come or pointless small talk. Also, really like how much care you put in to the rebuild. Best of luck, and you have earned a subscriber! Cheers from the UK ✌🏻
butts پیش سال
is that a harbor freight HVLP paint gun?
Adrian King
Adrian King پیش سال
Much better than another channel who butchered a rebuild of a Nissan GTR.. Can see you're doing it properly. Kudos,
Elijah Chigwada
Elijah Chigwada پیش سال
Yo VTuned you need to work on your video delivery bro, like talk more with more enthusiasm bro, like what you doing is really cool. If you kill the delivery you will get 1 million subscribers real quick bro. Keep hustling bro, I believe in you.
neletg پیش سال
Paint it black.
Gooble Gobble
Gooble Gobble پیش سال
Amazing channel dude keep it up!
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate پیش سال
I don't like the color combo on that BMW but I do like your channel. Your videos are well done and to the point. I'll be watchingthanks! Chuck
Streamak پیش سال
Found my way here from goonzquad. You just got a new fan bro
Nate Fantetti
Nate Fantetti پیش سال
You're pretty good. Impressive... How long you been doing this? Also age?
Enrico Grassi
Enrico Grassi پیش سال
Hi, where can I find the technical manuals of the car where all the parts are shown? Serial numbers etc.?
Lloyd Mills
Lloyd Mills پیش سال
Those germans!!
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper پیش سال
Keep up the work, be careful using a DA near body lines and especially plastic bumpers really easy to lose your lines (hard learned and expensive lesson).
mr. m
mr. m پیش سال
What is the plan for this car? Are you going to sell it or keep it for a personal vehicle?
Corey Staudt
Corey Staudt پیش سال
"These germans, theyre really smart..." 😂😂😂💀
Sam Heine
Sam Heine پیش سال
This guy does not waste time. A real pro.
DeadShot پیش سال
that paintless dent guy could have done the dent on your front fender
Dennis Brill
Dennis Brill پیش سال
I scribe button won’t work for some reason I don’t know why but I’m watching now so I’ll see everything you do work on cars
Markus Hansen
Markus Hansen پیش سال
Your videos remind me of the show Wheeler Dealers on Discovery :D Great composition of explanation and montage
C F پیش سال
Really miss Ed China working his magic on cars. What a great mechanic solved so many problems on a huge variety of car models.
dennisphoenix1 پیش سال
Good to see you wearing a dust mask while sanding ☺
Manythingstodo2122 پیش سال
What the difference of dry and wet sanding? I wet sand my car's front side panels and it rusted after 4-5 months.
Muhammad Nadeem
Muhammad Nadeem پیش سال
johnnyshd پیش سال
A good bodyman is a dying breed. Nobody wants to work with their hands. I have done it for 45 years.
D FULL پیش سال
The bodywork needs help and would fail if done at an Authorized BMW repair center. In fact, BMW does not support paintless dent repair either as there is no way to know if the underlying sealer and other factory coatings have been damaged or not. PDR companies commonly drill holes in panels to gain access to perform their craft. Those holes are then just plugged with a plastic/rubber plug. They don't typically put any paint on the bare metal for rust protection. Just a warning that's all.
JohnDamenify X
JohnDamenify X پیش سال
Fun to watch! Sounds like a real nice guy, who knows what he´s doing!
Robert Stockdale
Robert Stockdale پیش سال
Great that there is a nice nondescript soundtrack to the video, often car videos are ruined with particularly bad heavy metal stuff that most people hate. The videos are awesome.
Hamid Ali
Hamid Ali پیش سال
Keep the good work up my man.
Jay Meow
Jay Meow پیش سال
This is the great thing about youtube. anyone that doesn’t know the first thing about fixing a car properly or anything else can make a stupid video and the rest of the fools that don’t know any better think that he’s so great. look up bmw procedures on the TIS website maybe then you could get your head out of your ass. everything you did on this video is wrong. you can even mix the filler to its proper measurement.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Ok smart ass explain how it’s wrong?
eyobin2 پیش سال
Should have a million subscribers easy.
D FULL پیش سال
You should have left the fender on the car and reached the damage from the back through the wheel opening. Anyone who really knows will see the tell tale loss of paint around the fender bolts and know it has been off and will wonder why. Also be careful with the DA on the bumper body lines. It is very easy to damage them just enough to make them wavy. Another "tell" that some may pick up on. Anyways, your skills and knowledge will improve with experience so keep it up.
willipic پیش سال
@D FULL Tennessee does, that's where he is at.
D FULL پیش سال
@JCEvo not all states support "salvaged" on the title. Plus, anything you can do to minimize visible damage works in your favor.
JCEvo پیش سال
wouldn't the car have a salvage title? that would let anyone buying the car know there was work done to it.
STEVE Cramer
STEVE Cramer پیش سال
No plastic ad pro? Does that surfacer go direct to plastic? The surface primer looks like a inexpensive off brand.
Ronald Moparornocar
Ronald Moparornocar پیش سال
Great video 👍 but what I am wondering is why none of you are putting an epoxy primer on your bare metal repairs before you do body work ie mud/Bondo/filler and epoxy over to encapsulate the filler then primer filler great videos all the same congrats on over 100k viewer's
alexis betancourt
alexis betancourt پیش سال
I would have liked to see you replace the front bumper brackets in one video they weren't there than they were?
subie123 subie456
subie123 subie456 پیش سال
To remove plastic clips I really recomend the clip remover from Snap-on.
kickit59 پیش سال
Vtune like always you are doing like OEM or better man! Looking forward to seeing this one when it's done!
CAmille Williams
CAmille Williams پیش سال
hurry up i need to see part 3
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith پیش سال
Nice 100k! Keep it up man!
christopher nguyen
christopher nguyen پیش سال
being very young and allot of experience keep it up. your future look good man!
Pistol Graan
Pistol Graan پیش سال
Well u kinda took everything from goon squad
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Yea they actually fix my cars I’m an actor
Masterek79 پیش سال
6:44 what gradation paper did you use here? 300/600 ?
Peter Kryvdyuk
Peter Kryvdyuk پیش سال
Слава Україні
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez پیش سال
Samcrac would have left all those dents in 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Romeo Neosign
Romeo Neosign پیش سال
Is he a friend of Goonzquad? if so, nice to see u on youtube.
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