Rebuilding my wrecked charger hellcat part 1

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vTuned garage

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Welcome back to vtuned in todays episode we jump right into the rebuild process, and begin stripping down the hellcat.
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Kelly Kelly
Kelly Kelly پیش ماه
Was the motor messed up or just the body and how much did you pay for it
Юрий Николаевич
Юрий Николаевич پیش 2 ماه
You'r voice is a bolshet
Manav Verma
Manav Verma پیش 4 ماه
Bro everything is fine and interesting, work on your presentation and background music
فارس قحطاني
فارس قحطاني پیش 5 ماه
2020 كورونا الجديد
Anthony Kinloch
Anthony Kinloch پیش 7 ماه
How much did he buy the car for ?
lennier1 پیش 7 ماه
Poor computer! It's freaking out since even more errors are coming in than were already there before. 😁
Troy Phillips
Troy Phillips پیش 7 ماه
Eye Candy
Plamen Stoilov
Plamen Stoilov پیش 8 ماه
Hello, I am very amused by the cars you make and give them a second life, but I am interested in one thing, when they are ready to sell them completely?
Udayan Pradip Das
Udayan Pradip Das پیش 10 ماه
Were the owner of the car playing some kinda nfs with the car?? Cause that looks like its got under a truck trailer or something
Corporal Ivola
Corporal Ivola پیش 11 ماه
Hello, I am one of your fans. A car mechanic from China likes your video. Can I introduce your video to more Chinese friends?
Corporal Ivola
Corporal Ivola پیش 11 ماه
@vTuned garage thank you very much
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش 11 ماه
Yea share everwhere
Corporal Ivola
Corporal Ivola پیش 11 ماه
103/5000 您好,我是您的粉丝之一,就像您的视频一样,我可以向更多中国朋友介绍您的视频吗?让更多的中国朋友认识你
Vshon Summons
Vshon Summons پیش 11 ماه
How much you buy yo hellcat for
Vshon Summons
Vshon Summons پیش 11 ماه
How old are you
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb پیش سال
omg epic
Castor Chua
Castor Chua پیش سال
this guy doesn't fuck around
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers پیش سال
Solid gold tip on the zip lock bag and sharpies! 👍
Carlos Douglas
Carlos Douglas پیش سال
hi do you have front parts for a 2012 mustang
Otto Estrada
Otto Estrada پیش سال
Thanks for not fast-forwarding!!!!!
Alan Robertson
Alan Robertson پیش سال
Reggie PackerFanMan
Reggie PackerFanMan پیش سال
I'm loving this vid new to the channel... Get you a parts cart to help you organize.
Shawn collins
Shawn collins پیش سال
Keep up all the excellent work you do. Jay bronx new York
Shawn collins
Shawn collins پیش سال
Come on now Vtuned don't buy a coke buy a Pepsi. Jay Bronx new York
chris cab
chris cab پیش سال
You need a wireless mic
Jonah Gross
Jonah Gross پیش سال
Can I have the the doors
antonio blocker
antonio blocker پیش سال
You a good guy Vtunes the way you help the goons but now its great to see some of your rebuilds from start to finish
Iain King
Iain King پیش سال
What are you doing with this Hellcat that doesn’t need all those parts?
ZpBaocheng onYT
ZpBaocheng onYT پیش سال
Goon squad 💕💕💞
chevy caprice
chevy caprice پیش سال
Yall have a legit chop shop 😂😂
Kel Raphiel
Kel Raphiel پیش سال
12:38 damn this should be a derby car lol
R3ddr8gn پیش سال
And replace the hood with a black one, carbon or black matte.
Joel پیش سال
awful lot of work just to get spare change from under the drivers seat
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Hahahahahahhaha hey I bought some bubble gum with it totally worth it!
Steve Avis
Steve Avis پیش سال
You remind me of when I was your age. Full steam ahead, nothing scares you, your confident and brimming with talent. I am saying this of you, not me, my time is passed. You will have great success! I'm proud of you!
anderson Mr.
anderson Mr. پیش سال
Слушай ты не украинец ?
José Cunha
José Cunha پیش سال
Your videos are very interesting. A small sugestion, please wear gloves for your safety.
ITZ RG پیش سال
My dad once had a ford Mustang he had the tools to fix it but not the place 😂 So he sold it
GBA پیش سال
Million likes!!
Redbug 3
Redbug 3 پیش سال
Snap-On makes Swivel sockets for all that ! Great vids!
Boosted Cutlass
Boosted Cutlass پیش سال
Wow nice job guys!!!
ChaoticDestiny پیش سال
You guys keep going with this IRpost thing. Enjoy watching. You guys should grow pretty quickly as long as you keep putting out videos and the no cussing during videos is the way to go. I watch alot of rebuild videos of young guys like you cussing the whole time. I just click off those videos.
Jon Le
Jon Le پیش سال
Whats the black strip around the door frame called ?
Trenton Reese
Trenton Reese پیش سال
literally had the same thought with the hood
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh پیش سال
Kyle Stewart
Kyle Stewart پیش سال
Why remove things that don't need to be replaced?
TheAngryGamerTAG پیش سال
reminds me alot of goonzquad lol
Maria پیش سال
the way you vacum gives me anxiety .
Brady Page
Brady Page پیش سال
Never seen that method is glass removal. Did it ruin all the rear defroster elements?
D. Mat.Zero6
D. Mat.Zero6 پیش سال
yellow hoodie with camo pants... do want to be seen or not? lol im just joking around, great video
Psyberdream پیش سال
Always get a kick out of the "assault spatula"
Usman Khan
Usman Khan پیش سال
do u have to scream in the mic?
GOLDFORDAYS6033 پیش سال
Still won't answer the question how much does this all cost lol 😂
GOLDFORDAYS6033 پیش سال
@Usman Khan right
Usman Khan
Usman Khan پیش سال
@GOLDFORDAYS6033 cant they add a few more dollars and get a used hellcat why do they have to rebuild this one
Usman Khan
Usman Khan پیش سال
@GOLDFORDAYS6033 it alright my bad lol
GOLDFORDAYS6033 پیش سال
@Usman Khan sorry just that they never answered these questions in the public because they really don't save anything. Especially because of this car condition which was good awful. I'm sorry again. Just getting frustrated with people like this
Usman Khan
Usman Khan پیش سال
@GOLDFORDAYS6033 alright dude calm down
Joshua mynatt
Joshua mynatt پیش سال
Why put orange in a red car
The Life Of HustleMan
The Life Of HustleMan پیش سال
would love to work with you guys i transport cars and run across alot of rebuilds so let me great work you should also do a giveaway would think it would grow your brand more
Will J
Will J پیش سال
I need a link for that sawzall spatula
MOB TAE پیش سال
I wish I had that car so bad
CJ Blocker
CJ Blocker پیش سال
Do a removable sunroof
FamousWettbutter پیش سال
I subscribed because I saw the Ukrainian Flag on the wall ,great stuff boyz!
FamousWettbutter پیش سال
I'm pretty sure I'm the only Uky that saw that lol
Enrique Suarez
Enrique Suarez پیش سال
With all that money your daddy has and will spend on that car you could afford a new one
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Yea I wish my dad doesn’t buy cars buddy.
Shannon Thompson
Shannon Thompson پیش سال
Hang it bro
Louis Maldonado
Louis Maldonado پیش سال
Really good videos. Just got a subscriber
not many places left where u could by a soda for less then a dollar man 😂😂 im watching all ya vids doe
Paul Kline
Paul Kline پیش سال
Like the way you took out the rear and front windows.
polustka پیش سال
Amazing Video- cook music!
iama nerd
iama nerd پیش سال
You guys should have just bought a new one it will cost you that much just to replace all that
Boris Rzedka
Boris Rzedka پیش سال
Vtuned FTWW
Adam Digon
Adam Digon پیش سال
Im surprised at how well you guys took things apart. Good team work. Seemed like you knew what you were doing.
Colin Caron
Colin Caron پیش سال
disconnect the battery its beeping the whole time
Yung Grip
Yung Grip پیش سال
Yeah hang it on the wall...great accomplishment piece.
Charles M
Charles M پیش سال
Love your videos, but not a fan of the head cam POV, picture swings around to wildly. I know it's easier than a tripod or having a third person do the vid. Just MHO.
Dean Moore
Dean Moore پیش سال
Thanks for doing these videos, it is a real learning experience for us watching you.. You did pretty good the first day with all that you got off the vehicle. Cudos to ya.
Go Karts or Gone Fishin
Go Karts or Gone Fishin پیش سال
That s2000 looks nasty👍
killaward227 پیش سال
You need gloves gentlemen please
Tyler Dean
Tyler Dean پیش سال
How much did you buy it for?
Oleke29 پیش سال
You guys should where goggles. You only get one pair of eyes
quize mence
quize mence پیش سال
How much u paid for the wreck hellcat I want to do the same
Sosabambino A.
Sosabambino A. پیش سال
I wanna be your camera man :) no charge
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez پیش سال
That hellcat is making your channel blow up
Collin Sturgill
Collin Sturgill پیش سال
I am a good person and I am not sure about the other air bag I can fix it
Mikeey XD
Mikeey XD پیش سال
Cool channel buddy, new sub. 👍
Woody Bear
Woody Bear پیش سال
The door dingy is dinging.
Joebiz24 پیش سال
Damn! You guys are fast. Just under 14 minutes to strip that car down. Must be pounding the energy Great video.
mindseeker پیش سال
That beautiful car for 500? Damn. Sign me up i wanna search that site what is it? That Copart??
Japanese Toyota Corolla
Japanese Toyota Corolla پیش سال
Nice Dodge Charger The car cost a lot of money 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
CESAR EMC512 پیش سال
How much U pay for the car... On copart.
Nathan Rennecker
Nathan Rennecker پیش سال
Are you riding a drby car
geen neppe onzin
geen neppe onzin پیش سال
Im subscribe to your channel im a real honda fan ca you show more about teh s2000
Dan 57
Dan 57 پیش سال
New subscriber here. You do things correctly, no short cuts, much like another channel in a neighboring state. Hope you guys can patch up your differences.
Seeker پیش سال
Just found this channel and saw this, looks very nice my friend keep up the great work!
xxdizannyxx پیش سال
Why don't you show your daddy hepiyng you? You skip that part.
xxdizannyxx پیش سال
@vTuned garage I rarely use the like button ok sure u deserve it. Enjoy ur weekend bro.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Lololol it’s all good man just hit that like button and we cool
xxdizannyxx پیش سال
@vTuned garage give ur daddy a kiss for me. Ahaha I'm just trolling idk, your channel seems nice. Enjoy ur parents while they are around cuz u don't get another, show them lots of love. Peace and apologise for being a dick.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Lol ur dumb that’s my friends shop and I used to work there yea obviously he lets me use his tire machine when I need it and yea I live with my daddy I’m 20 years old why tf would I move out and waste money on rent I’m obviously a lot smarter then u that’s why people let me use there stuff and my dad hasn’t laid a finger on my car.
xxdizannyxx پیش سال
@vTuned garage Cuz we both know he's helping u and that "the tire guy is on lunch so we r going to do it ourselves" line is obvious pure bs lie. You expect us to believe the tire shop just let's customers use their equipment when someone is on fucking lunch? It was ur daddy's machine, wasn't it? Just tell the truth there's nothing wrong with ur daddy helping u behind the scenes, we know u live with him.
Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye پیش سال
I want to work at your shop.
Marlymar Jr CrypyoBaller
Marlymar Jr CrypyoBaller پیش سال
New Sub found you from Goonzquad Link I like how your two channels help each other out learning a lot from you guys great content keep it coming .
Darrel Eddings
Darrel Eddings پیش سال
8:59 Dude, Safety Glasses!
CodClassicXl پیش سال
Not sure if this guy should be driving a hell cat
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez پیش سال
Whats that tool used to take off the glass
Juan Perz
Juan Perz پیش سال
swig every time he says go ahead.
The Soloosh
The Soloosh پیش سال
What's the song at 8:30 please?
shome1289 پیش سال
great video, but the constant high/low of the volume of your voice needs to be regulated a little better, i find myself turning it up and down constantly lol
Chessie System Railfanman
Chessie System Railfanman پیش سال
That would be a cool idea to hang that hood up on the wall. Maybe even the dented right side doors as well.
Jimmy Com
Jimmy Com پیش سال
There is no right or left door on a car. It is driver side door or passenger side door. Good video though.
Stoke Burner
Stoke Burner پیش سال
Sure there is. Left side is drivers side right side is passenger side. That's the way its always been and that's the way it will always be.
A. R.
A. R. پیش سال
The dealer would beg to differ when ordering parts.
niteninja 01
niteninja 01 پیش سال
Who bags a handle? Let me find out he bagged the steering wheel
DonnLouie Moreno
DonnLouie Moreno پیش سال
niteninja 01 I wonder what would happen if they bagged the steering wheel! They could mix them haha
3232myke پیش سال
Put the back windshield on the white honda as the engine hood
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