Rebuilding my wrecked charger hellcat part 2

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vTuned garage

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Welcome back to another episode of vtuned.We replace all the bad suspension components and repair the front frame.
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Samcrac پیش سال
Who cares about the Hellcat, I wanna see you rebuild that Honda Minivan in the background!
gabriel jorey Ortencio
gabriel jorey Ortencio پیش 4 ماه
@Pieter Verboven that's not good
Black Widow
Black Widow پیش سال
Hi samcrac!
TheAngryGamerTAG پیش سال
lmao my nigga lol of course
Hardgold mods #6393
Hardgold mods #6393 پیش سال
My brother has a a Hellcat
Fady Mikhail
Fady Mikhail پیش سال
vTuned garage I hope your rebuild process is quicker not like @samcrac it takes him months to finish. I’m sorry samcrac but that’s the truth
ZEL MOLINS پیش 10 ساعت
Sir I like your red jacket with a hood...can i have one size small...
You Should be called VBLEND cos blended that red perfect nice work
Didyou Missme
Didyou Missme پیش 15 روز
That is the filthiest spraybooth and paint scales I have ever seen!
Courtney Moore
Courtney Moore پیش 21 روز
damn no tourquing anything
Courtney Moore
Courtney Moore پیش 21 روز
and when t did the stickers appear lol
Joe Sibert
Joe Sibert پیش ماه
The young man has skills. I’m impressed. He doesn’t just remove and replace everything he actually fixes what is not totally destroyed.
Юрий Николаевич
Юрий Николаевич پیش 2 ماه
Old parts,you donkey
Jesus Castillo
Jesus Castillo پیش 3 ماه
it amazes me how much he knows about parts of a car
Neil Young
Neil Young پیش 5 ماه
You have a lot of talent! During these days of confinement I've been re-watching a lot of videos. Ive replaced many 1/4 panels in my days. You make it look too easy! I admire your work. Keep up the good work and videos.
Otis Smith
Otis Smith پیش 6 ماه
vTuned I like more your video contents very informative I learned many things bro
Is4real پیش 6 ماه
Seeing all these young guys on IRpost being so fearless when repairing cars is amazing. I’m in my 50’s and regret not spending with my dad who was a self taught mechanic.
ROBERT RYAN پیش 6 ماه
This is pure talent!! Brother you cold at what you do
Zoey Michael
Zoey Michael پیش 7 ماه
The savings just keep piling up with every repair...
Zoey Michael
Zoey Michael پیش 7 ماه
OMG excellent repair on the radiator support...
Pug Spriggs
Pug Spriggs پیش 10 ماه
I love you vids
Kuba Sieczka
Kuba Sieczka پیش 10 ماه
I know this is old video- but i have a question. Did you used epoxy before filling the car? Greetings from Poland ^^
Lil Ace
Lil Ace پیش 10 ماه
dont use glove when u work on cars be a men not a women
filo martinez
filo martinez پیش سال
like the video and i did subscribe, young kids like you is how its suppose to be, not giving attitude to adults, teachers cops etc...etc...great up bringing shots out to your parents young man...great video again.
Cash Moore
Cash Moore پیش سال
Did he ever say what year the car was?
Reggie PackerFanMan
Reggie PackerFanMan پیش سال
Extremely knowledgeable very interesting
Chris Fryers
Chris Fryers پیش سال
Love your attention to detail on repairs that may never be seen 👌
Manuel Manuuel
Manuel Manuuel پیش سال
Like your attention to detail attitude, you will be successful.
Highspeed Lalo
Highspeed Lalo پیش سال
What's a good price to rebuilt a 2009 300 hemi with good quality aftermarket parts???
ZpBaocheng onYT
ZpBaocheng onYT پیش سال
Goon squad 💞
D Andrew
D Andrew پیش سال
I got to say for some younger guys. I like how organized you are and how you constantly clean. Shows attention to detail. Keep it up
The Muha Sblek
The Muha Sblek پیش سال
why you showing us a cleanup? 😂😂
24auhr پیش سال
These guys really seem to have a game plan , i hope they do well .
Bob A
Bob A پیش سال
You guys rock! I would bring my vehicles to you guys anytime. So spot on with every detail!! Cheers!
daniel mendoza
daniel mendoza پیش سال
This dudes awesome im loving this im learning a fuck.load from this plus my dream car what a guy!
PlayaOfGames پیش سال
jesus i couldn't do something like this not only would alot of taking apart is time consuming but remembering not only how to put it back all togather but remembering where it all goes
AzzazzinFilms پیش سال
8:44 nah it's all good I'll leave my socket there
Blue sky’s
Blue sky’s پیش سال
I like you attention to detail, true professional 👌🏼🤙🏼👊🏼
N V پیش سال
Great attention to detail and hidden areas, nicely done. Remember though to torque critical bolts like suspension ;)
Al Briano
Al Briano پیش سال
So young and so Great at what you do, you were not playing video games when you were little, you were probably wrenching on something 👍🏽
William Greenwalt
William Greenwalt پیش سال
Great work
yungcity82 پیش سال
Instantly subscribed
Cosala 562
Cosala 562 پیش سال
Having the right tools make everything so much easier 👍🏻🙌🏻
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh پیش سال
Daniel Lopes
Daniel Lopes پیش سال
Fantastic how you are doing things as they should be done. Other shops should take this work as an inspiration. Do things propperly, whatever you do, and you wont run out of work :)
Black Widow
Black Widow پیش سال
I fixed my own 2008 vw polo at home. It had a frontal crash (sadly I was guilty, but wasn't entirely my fault). The problem was that I couldn't get the the front frame rails perfectly aligned with my winch and some wood extentions. Now it has some gapes between the hood, bumper and headlights😞. I had no money for service and I did what I could do. I still love my car and I want to fix it one day. You guys make everything look a lot easyer, but I think that is not like that😁. I really apreciate your work! Keep it so! 👍
Black Widow
Black Widow پیش سال
Nice skils! I love your work!
C L پیش سال
Why don’t any of you own a knife?
TheAngryGamerTAG پیش سال
the only thing thats a bit off is you can tell every clip the volume level changes hills and valleys when unnecessary but i do love the videos you awesome guys!!
Louis G
Louis G پیش سال
how have i never seen this channel before!!! this is Awesome! giving me confidence in rebuilding my trackhawk!! this channel is SICK!!
Carl West
Carl West پیش سال
Only just started watching your channel after seeing yourselves on samcrac's. Quality work keep it up.
Shawn J
Shawn J پیش سال
you have 20 years like him, than you have others who snap chat, do drugs, rob, go to jail, unbelievable here i thought millenniums are just all hopeless i wouldnt be able to do 2% of what he does. wow hard work and dedication great work! love you guys.
Stephanie Rogers
Stephanie Rogers پیش سال
Amazing work, you guys make this look so easy.
Choa DAVIS پیش سال
Just subscribed. Nice channel.
Sting3R پیش سال
Hard working young talents! Keep up the good work!
RedGOO پیش سال
Search for Dodge charger hellcat sway bars I swear they have a lot
Brian Schroeder
Brian Schroeder پیش سال
not that i'm some old timer or anything but i really appreciate you guys cleaning up and putting your tools away haha kudos
NC Vman
NC Vman پیش سال
Need impact wrench.
Anthony Maniz
Anthony Maniz پیش سال
Im a hellcat tech i did not see you torque nothing to specs as are dumb president would say your fired
Gingy martinez
Gingy martinez پیش سال
Attention to detail is appreciated. New favorite build channel. Keep it up.
Bennie Creech
Bennie Creech پیش سال
The video could be shortened, but it is what it is. The thing that drive me nuts is that he says tire rod, instead of tie rod....
Anthony H
Anthony H پیش سال
U need to go ahead and find something new to say.
ok im subbing now
TMT-Guard پیش سال
Bro im impressed on how good you are at this age... I can just imagine how good you will be in 10 years. Just curious... Where did you learn all this knowledge... School... Growing up around cars???
Dean Moore
Dean Moore پیش سال
Do you buy these cars at auction?
Go Karts or Gone Fishin
Go Karts or Gone Fishin پیش سال
Wth bro...was u born under a car?..I'm addicted
Ian M. Scarlett
Ian M. Scarlett پیش سال
Mechanics 101 - ALWAYS tighten bolts with the specified TORQUE
mahmoud khoshnoudi
mahmoud khoshnoudi پیش سال
awesome work guys. you're such a genius
زنيد الهاجري
زنيد الهاجري پیش سال
Love you videos. ❤️❤️
Dabba doo
Dabba doo پیش سال
Why put all this time and money into a salvage title that won’t be worth half the blue book?
MOPARGuy پیش سال
Dabba doo never heard of a project car? Plus he’s getting a HC for a steal.
Joebiz24 پیش سال
vTuners, you guys look too young to have driver's licenses (please don't take offense). Where the hell did you learn everything that you do? Amazing!!! Another great video, thanks.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Thank you!
Wrist Rowe
Wrist Rowe پیش سال
Can yu be slightly more explicit so IRpost can do away with the ads
Logan Holt
Logan Holt پیش سال
That’s some awesome body work. My passion is repairing something that looks impossible & you nailed that shit.
Voche68 پیش سال
ARRGGHHH MM I remember w cars were built with standard american bolts
Reginald Williams
Reginald Williams پیش سال
Young brother your very good at bringing Christine back to life, hell'a good.
Leatherneck Sears
Leatherneck Sears پیش سال
i didnt ask this before.. Is the Hell cat Uni body??
joseph davis
joseph davis پیش سال
I love watching guys like you progress through these kinds of builds/ repairs. super impressed how you beat that fender well back into place looks great dude!
Lanto پیش سال
Why did you get a replacement rotor that isnt cross-drilled ? stock rotors are cross-drilled so you have one cross-drilled on the driver side and a non cross-drilled one on the passenger side.
Space Gravy
Space Gravy پیش سال
Just wondering, as a practical matter why was this vehicle considered a total loss by the insurance company? I'm only a small way through video #2 but it occurred to me that this vehicle, which retails at over $65K new, has only minor to moderate front passenger side damage which can be remedied for much less than the car is worth so why was this car junked? Is the frame bent to the point where it's not safe to drive? I'm confused as to how that amount of damage allowed this guy to buy it junked for $500.
Dan 57
Dan 57 پیش سال
I'll tell you why, the ridiculous cost of repairs. My wife's 2016 Sonata was backed into a few days ago, front driver's corner. Broken headlight lens, small deformation in the fender (fully repairable), slight paint chipping in the bumper cover, no damage to the plastic itself. Estimate? $2500. And that's why insurance companies total them out so quickly.
Wadley225 پیش سال
A few dumb questions: With that car being so wrecked, did you put it on a frame machine and get everything straight and square first? With the tie rod being so bent, did you even think that maybe the steering rack or its mounts could be damaged? You're changing all the easy bolt-on parts, but I don't see you doing any REAL work.
Wadley225 پیش سال
Well? Did you put it on a frame machine and get the tweaked body right FIRST, or are you half-assing this thing and only doing easy bolt-on stuff and calling it a repair?
Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye پیش سال
I can see this kid become a millionaire
Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye پیش سال
Good to see someone take pride in their work.
MMAR_ONE پیش سال
These videos are just freakin awesome to watch. i'm at work right, time is flying.
Traylan Hunt
Traylan Hunt پیش سال
What paint you use
Cameron پیش سال
First time watching this channel was when you bought the hellcat and you said “it’s in worse condition than we thought” I thought you guys were way above your heads on this one but I’m glad to see you guys actually know what you’re doing. Keep up the great content!
East Coast Exotic Life
East Coast Exotic Life پیش سال
Yo you guys are amazing
Grant Mack
Grant Mack پیش سال
Is it just me that wants to know what happened to this car?
ahmad al-jallad
ahmad al-jallad پیش سال
Painting without mask is bad for your health man
Adam Charlton
Adam Charlton پیش سال
So what’s the story behind the charger?? I used to have one myself it was all white, and stock.
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith پیش سال
Great Video.. A+
3232myke پیش سال
I'd go with Moog sway bar bushings
NetWork Production
NetWork Production پیش سال
Y'all doing these kinds of builds and don't have air tools or a lift man😥
NetWork Production
NetWork Production پیش سال
@vTuned garage oh ok you just like doing things the manual way
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Nah we have a lift and air tools just didn’t use them
Coty Rubin
Coty Rubin پیش سال
My dude here killing it with the overspray protection ,I appreciate the extra effort my last repair shop did not do this and it was noticeable. Thumbs up !
Auto Resurrection
Auto Resurrection پیش سال
Nice work! but please get the torque wrench out. Those suspension and steering parts need torqued to spec not just an impact but nice job.
nocki5oh پیش سال
Unless there is another company that makes one piece rotors, hellcats run the two piece rotors. They’re very expensive, around 900 each. The one you put on looks to be from a base scat pack which is 14” in diameter. The hellcat rotors are 15.4. I could be wrong. Good luck with the build man. You do great work!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Yea it’s the wrong rotor at oreilys they said it would fit but I guess they lied and the only reason why I bought it was to test the caliper
d6453103 پیش سال
Any reason you went with masterpro for your suspension parts? After working at oreilly, I learned Moog was the better choice. Good work so far!
d6453103 پیش سال
@vTuned garageJust curious, do what works for you man!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
I just bought it to test fit to see if my caliber is good
bobbyhosweden پیش سال
Whats up with the audio in this episode?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
glj100 پیش سال
vTuned, Great job so far, it would be nice to understand the process of you finding the car and the cost of the Hellcat when you bought it and your process of costing it up and your estimate of repair
Jozef Bryniarski
Jozef Bryniarski پیش سال
Goonzsquad fans like here
NiKE PLAYz پیش سال
I fucking love your channel
Emmanuel Martinez
Emmanuel Martinez پیش سال
No lie you by yourself get much more work done than goonzquad. But they do have more video quality than you
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
Ayye now I’ll get better...
Diesel_inthemorning _
Diesel_inthemorning _ پیش سال
I feel like I'm the only one not rebuilding cars on IRpost lol
عامر عمار Gamer
عامر عمار Gamer پیش سال
لااله الا الله محمد رسول الله
Schumann Construction
Schumann Construction پیش سال
Way to copy diy gang lol not
vTuned garage
vTuned garage پیش سال
TrapGod23 پیش سال
This guy is amazing can't wait till tomorrow for the new video
Marcus Pugh
Marcus Pugh پیش سال
U guys are amazing bruh you got me wanting to do the same thing. Are you going to do a vid to show how much u spent to buy the vehicle from salvage yard to everything that had to be replaced.
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